People Are Sharing The Strangest Things They’ve Seen That They Can’t Explain (21 Stories)

We all love the thrill of the unexplained.

Eerie stories and unexplained mysteries really get us goin’ because getting so enthralled in a story and then never even finding out what actually happened… It’s both exciting and extremely frustrating.

But best of all, these stories bring out our inner theorists. Going through a combination of scenarios in our minds trying to figure out the most logical reason as to why this happened, feeling like you’re one badass sleuth, but then realizing none of your explanations make sense and now you’re questioning if your mama was right about church this whole time.

Well, Redditor u/1982throwaway1 was trying to go through that rollercoaster of emotions when they asked the people of Reddit:

“What is the strangest thing you’ve seen that you cannot explain?”

and the stories that came out in this thread will make you wonder if these people ever got a good night’s sleep after what they’ve been through.

Here are 21 of the strangest unexplained stories from Redditors that might just keep you from sleeping tonight. Enjoy! 


“I was driving away from a gas station. Out of nowhere a guy in a suit comes running up to my mini van and starts yanking the door. As if he knew me, he began pleading “c’mon, LET ME IN.” Luckily my doors were locked, I asked him who the hell he was through my window. He looked genuinely surprised that I wouldn’t let him in. After I refused to let him in, his facial expression inverted; as if he just realized something horrible. He let go of my car, said something to the effect of “you’re one of them, aren’t you?” Then he ran away behind the gas station and into the woods. Full suit and tie, nice shoes, extremely frantic in nature, zero explanation. I’m praying it was some elaborate troll or meth or something, because the look in that man’s eyes was pure terror when I didn’t let him in.” –grammarGuy69


“So in 2013, I was smoking a cig with my buddy and his schizophrenic neighbor in Denton Texas. This neighbor was the nice kind of off, never acting mean or violent. So we were actually pretty good friends. Anyway, during the middle of the cig, the neighbor acts like he just got hit with an energy wave, and runs out into the yard. He begins to start rhythmically dancing and chanting about, “The meteor.”

What I could understand was that he felt the meteor, and he said that he felt it falling, and then with a final jerk, he said the meteor had exploded. At that same time, on the other side of the world, an enormous meteor exploded over Russia.

If you are wondering, no there was no advanced warning. And yes, part of me does suspect that he somehow knew.” –thedrakeequator


“Years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our second child and about to give birth, my Mom came to stay with us for a few days to help take care of our oldest child. One early evening Mom asked for a pen, paper and an envelope. When I gave them to her she wrote on the paper, sealed it in the envelope and gave it to me, saying put this in your pocket and don’t open it. “You’ll know when,” she said.

Thirty minutes later my wife announced it was time to go to the hospital, she was in labor. So we did and about 9 hours later our second daughter was born at 3:45AM. She weighed 8 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. This being pre-cell phone days, I called my Mom from the hospital to tell her the news. She answered the phone and immediately said, “Before you say anything, open the envelope.” I did. It said:

Girl 3:45AM 8 lbs, 11 oz 20 inches

I kept that paper for years. When my Mom died, I went to our documents safe where we kept it, but it was gone.” –GullyF


“For about 10 years a man would call my home, ask for me, and then ask me if my feet were ticklish. This was 30 or so years ago — no caller ID or anything like that. I would engage him if my family was home. If I said my feet were ticklish he’d ask me to ask the person sitting closest to me to tickle them. He always hung up before we could ask questions to figure him out.

Sometimes he’d get me on a pay phone. Like, I’d be walking home from school and a pay phone would ring. It was always him. Still don’t know who it was.” –myeggsarebig


“Was driving home from work one afternoon with my brother and cousin in the car. As we were sitting in traffic I noticed high up in the sky and way out in the distance a small motionless black square. I pointed it out and both my brother and my cousin spotted it quickly so I know it wasn’t in my head. It just remained still for about 45 minutes and then the sun had set and it was too dark to spot it any longer. It just stayed in the exact same spot the whole time and while it was really far away you could still tell it was a perfect square shape. Once I got home I went online to see if there were any mentions of it anywhere and there was nothing. To this day I still think about it and wonder WTF I was looking at.” –MrYamaguchi


“My three year old daughter walked up to my husband one night and straight up said, ‘Grandpa’s dead.’ Few moments later we get a call from my husband’s sister saying that their father had passed away. Happened a few months back. Still creeps me out.” –sailorsmoon20


“My youngest daughter would always beg to buy the seasonal decorations when we’d go shopping. She passed away from a brain tumor when she was 5, and as a way to cope I started buying those seasonal decorations and now decorate my house with them as the seasons and holidays change. Her favorite were these colorful birds from Target.

A couple of years ago just before Easter I was deep cleaning the house. One of the Easter birds went missing. I assumed one of my older kids had knocked it off the shelf with their backpack as they had left for school that morning. I looked around where it should have a fallen, but couldn’t find it. We had a younger dog who loved to chew up everything he could find. I checked all his usual hiding spots, but couldn’t find it. I continued to clean the house: vacuum, dust, full top to bottom cleaning of the common areas of the house since I was home alone for the day. Finally I’m done and still haven’t found that bird. I’ve found a lot of missing socks, legos, and other crap!

I grab my cleaning stuff and say out loud, “[Daughter] it’s ok if you’re playing with it, but will you let me know somehow so that I know the dog didn’t destroy it.” I walk out of the living room and put the cleaning stuff away under the kitchen sink. I come back into the living room and there that bird is! It is standing on its feet in the center on the living room floor. These birds have pipe cleaner like feet, so they were difficult to get to stand right, and it is standing on its feet.

I got a chill. I picked it up and looked it over. There weren’t anything teeth marks or slobber, so it hadn’t been in the dog’s mouth. I just said, “Thanks [daughter]. You’re welcome to play with it whenever you want,” and put it back on the shelf. I have no way to explain it other than the paranormal.” –babegirlvj


“Living in a dorm, no roommate. Night before two-hour open book final, I put my book in the middle of the floor so I’ll stumble over it on the way out. The floor has nothing else on it.

In the morning its gone. I look all over the room, can’t find it. I think I’m hysterically blind, so I feel over every inch of the floor with my hands. Nothing. I go get a cup of coffee and come back, still nothing. By now there’s only one hour for the test. I go any way and do the best I can.

Naturally when I get back the book is in the middle of the floor exactly where I put it .

Probably a prank, but how? I’m not that heavy a sleeper. Nobody took credit for it.” –dudinax


“I was around 6 and on Wednesday evening I went to bed. I woke up and it was Friday. I remember asking my mom why is it Friday when yesterday it was Wednesday. She said yesterday was Thursday, obviously.

I asked her what I did on Thursday because the last thing I remember is going to sleep on Wednesday. She named some activities and I remembered none of that. I never found out why I don’t remember the Thursday.” –simavok


“Was sitting in my lounge room alone one night watching TV. Heard clear as day someone coming up the stairs barefoot. I thought it was just a family member coming up the stairs but then had the “oh fuck” realization that I was home alone. For some reason I just sat there looking at the door way waiting for whatever was coming up these stairs to walk through the door. Heard the staircase creaking and everything, heard the barefoot get to the top of the stairs step onto the tiles and take the 3-4 steps it would take to be in sight of the doorway to the lounge room I’m sitting in. But nothing came through the door, sat there for about 5 seconds waiting. Said to myself out loud “f-ck dealing with that right now” and kept watching TV.

I’ve heard other things like glass moving and footsteps and all that but the second most notable thing I can’t explain was me and my mum hearing something talk to our dog downstairs in a like mumbled male voice we couldn’t understand. If I heard that on my own I’d have just thought it was my brain playing tricks but my mum also heard it.” –Mingemuppet

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