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People Are Sharing The “Weirdest” Compliments They’ve Ever Gotten (30 Posts)

Nothing will brighten your day more than a random compliment that you weren’t expecting. It’s like getting a little bit piece good news specific to you and when it’s about something you didn’t even know or are self-conscious about, it’s just that much sweeter to hear. We’ve all had a compliment that has caught us so off guard that we can’t help but think about it, dwell on it, agonize over it, and then continue to over-think it until we’ve convinced ourselves that it wasn’t even a compliment at all. These things tend to occupy space in our minds way longer than they should.

If you are getting some weird compliments, it’s safe to assume that other people have heard some ever weirder shit that was meant as a compliment. Redditor u/icylilith asked users “What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve ever been given?” and the replies are as hilarious as they are disturbing.

Enjoy these 30 completely random and odd as hell compliments that real people have gotten.  


“That I’m like a piece of furniture, don’t do much but you notice when I’m not there.” –j0-hn-dea-ux


“I had pink eye and the nurse was looking into the non-infected eye. “You have beautiful retinas.” Thank you…?” –SaiyanKasuna


“My 4-year-old son told me I smelled like music. When I asked what kind of music he said “music you dance to”. Still the best compliment I have received to date!” –sdurb


“My friends and I were talking about what kind of potatoes we’d be. One of my best friends told me “You’d be a loaded baked potato. People pay extra for that good shit!” –silvermoonchan


“That I’ve the most beautiful eyebrows, were even asking if I pluck them or what routine I had. I’m a guy, but I felt fabulous days after.” –Twisty_D


“You look comfortable.”

Not as in I looked relaxed. She meant I looked comfortable to rest, lean or lay on. At first I asked if she was politely saying I was fat. She explained that I had a look about me of being someone who would comfortable to cuddle with and not hog space or covers.

I took it as a compliment. I hope it was. This was a stranger I was having a conversation with during the morning train commute maybe three years ago. Came from out of the blue, as well.” –TokenCommonMan


“A coworker once told me that I was “a cross between Han Solo and Dr. Bunson Honeydew from the Muppets.” This was in 1998 and I still can’t stop thinking about it – was that supposed to be a compliment? An insult? The worst part is that he was pretty accurate, actually.” –guestpass127


“You are so tan, how did you get so tan?” I’m Indian.” –Adepte


“A teacher in high school told me several times that I had a perfectly shaped head.” –sweatyicecubes


“You look like you’re good with your elbows”

“Said by a 50+ year old man biking by. He then swung back around telling me I should try out for the local roller derby team.” –JcaJes