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People Are Sharing Their Creepy Paranormal Experiences (20 Stories)

‘Tis the season to be sharing your favorite ghost stories. We are a week deep into October which means it’s time for scary movies, creepy decorations, and telling your friends about your paranormal experiences.

Whether you’re a true believer in the supernatural or you just appreciate spooky season, we all want to hear about the creepy things other people have gone through and, if you’re like me, want to join them in jumping to the most outrageous conclusions. 

Redditor u/SalzyJ did us the honor of asking the people of Reddit: “What was YOUR paranormal experience ?”

Here are 20 of the spookiest paranormal experiences shared by the people of Reddit.


“My father died less than 6 months after my daughter was born. One evening not too long after my father past I was having a dream that my daughter was screaming in her bedroom. In the dream I got up and went to her room, but before I got there my dad came out of the room and just said, “she’ll be ok” and kept walking away and the crying stopped.

I shot up and and saw the baby monitor screen was on. It was on sound activated mode, so the screen only comes on when a sound it’s over 60dB and goes off after 3mins of quiet. I get up and check and she’s fine and sleeping. A little shaken it took me a bit to get back to sleep.

I tell my wife about the dream in the morning. She told me she heard her crying, but thought I’d gotten up to calm her. Still a vivid memory in my mind nearly 3 years later seeing my younger looking Dad coming out of her room.” –Midtenn86


“Took a full carton out of the fridge. Grabbed an egg, cracked it. Went to a grab a second egg, only to notice the carton was…full. Again. I just stood there and stared at the full carton for a few seconds (expecting one to disappear maybe? Idk), then I just threw them all out. Wasn’t gonna fuck around with phantom eggs. There is probably a rational explanation but I know what I saw.”  – -AboveAverageJoe


“My father is a complete skeptic and yet also is one of the most open-minded people I know. He’s very hard-headed and stubborn and not prone to making things up for attention. When I was maybe 8 or 9, my mother, bro, father, and myself were all watching TV in the living room. Out of nowhere he started bawling. Dad tears are no joke, especially a dad who I’d seen cry maybe two times. I remember him saying ‘I just feel really, really sad all of a sudden…it’s like someone passed, and passed through me.’ The next day he found out his best friend Les had passed the night before, a few min before he began crying.” –Sobadatsnazzynames


“…little bloke was 2, woke up and could hear him talking, like having a “proper” conversation for that age.

The light was on, which was weird because there’s no way he could reach the switch, he’s standing up and looking directly at the chair we read bedtime stories on.

In my sleep addled state, asked him who he’s talking to and he says “I talking to Oma”, I replied that his Oma was home in bed with Opa asleep.

Little fella says “No Daddy, your Oma, she says she misses you and Mummy”

My Oma died five years before he was born.” –Chewiesbro


“I was hanging out on a friends back porch in a suburban neighborhood with a few people, maybe three other people, it was about dusk. This was during high school so before 2005. The back porch faced our over a small creek valley of open space.

A blue green ball of light came zooming in over the open space from the left and stopped about 100 feet away, maybe 40 feet off the ground. It was maybe the size of a soft ball. Then it zoomed over to about 15 feet away and 15 feet up in the air and stopped for about two breaths. Then it shot straight up in to the sky and was gone in less than a second.

The way it moved was weird too, it didn’t hover or drift at all it just went from one point in space to another and then stopped. Not like it vanished and reappeared, I mean it moved so fast it kind of looked like that. But there was not slowing down or speeding up it just went. All four of us saw it, we talked about it a little bit not much, just kind of sat with the realization we’d been inspected by aliens.” –Ahnamal


“My husband and I stayed at a super old hotel in Santa Fe, NM. The old room we were staying in had this decorative wooden chair that had a slanted seat. I took note of the slant, because I wound up putting my computer bag on this chair and felt comfortable doing so. I’m super careful with my electronics, and the slanted seat made it so my bag slid all the way back into the back of the chair so it couldn’t fall.

My husband and I were laying in bed in the dark talking, almost falling asleep, when suddenly we hear a super loud SLAM! It was so loud, we shot awake and turned on the light. There on the OTHER SIDE of the room, a good 10 or 15 feet from the chair, was my computer bag. It was like someone had lifted it and threw it down, there’s no way it just “fell” off the chair that far away (and the chair seat was slanted, it would be hard for anything to just fall off it!). And it was a SLAM to the ground.

I was so terrified, but my husband just shrugged like “huh guess this place is haunted like a lot of places in Santa Fe, guess the ghost doesn’t like stuff on its chair.” I demanded we sleep with a light on. I didn’t even have the courage to check if my computer was ok until the next day.

The next morning my husband asked the front desk if the hotel was known to be haunted, and the guy just laughed and said “oh what, did you see the little girl?” –LadyBernVictim


“I went to the movies with my pals in high school and carpooled with a few to get there. I drove. The film: The Evil Dead. Movie ended, they were all going to get some food but I had to get home. The guys I drove were gonna go home with some of the others.

It was getting late so I took the backroads that I knew I could speed on. I get onto a road that’s like, 6 miles long, and someone had their brights on. I flash them a few times—still on.

It’s taking a WHILE to get past this guy. Normally it’s 10-15 seconds of being blind, tops, but this time it was nearly 45 seconds to a minute before I get close. I slowed down to see what was the matter, and the car was idling down the shoulder of the road, all 4 doors open, dome lights on, nobody inside. Nobody was anywhere.

If the movie I saw was a Disney flick I’d have stopped to see what was wrong and if anybody needed help or an ambulance called, but in this situation I opted to floor it and get the hell out of there.” –Definitely_Not_Frodo


“Back when I lived in my very first apartment I would hear what sounded like a little child calling for their parent. Now at first I thought it was genuinely some kid who was lost because the complex was big enough for a kid to wander off from their parents. But the voice seemed to always be right next to me. It wasn’t until I moved out that I found out a little girl was killed by her abusive father in the 80s.” –DemandParticular


“I was visiting family and staying in a hotel with my boyfriend (husband now). The first night there we went to bed and I woke up in the middle of the night facing the window. I noticed there was a dark shadow in the corner of the room that looked human-shaped. After staring a while I realized it must have been a floor lamp since that corner was kind of bare and that’s the logical choice. I rolled over and went back to bed.

The following morning I remembered this and turned to look into the corner where the lamp was and… There isn’t a floor lamp there. The corner is bare.

I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he went white. He told me that he woke up in the middle of the night because he felt like he was being watched and had to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom to try and shake the feeling.” –Lexocracy



“My sister’s husband died when her daughters were 1 1/2 and 3 years old. For about a year afterward, she would catch both kids looking from the living room to the landing at the top of the stairs and waving, or answering question. She would ask them what they were doing and the oldest would say, “Just talking to daddy.” –NerdGirl66