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23 People Share The Strangest Experiences They Can’t Logically Explain


“When my daughter was little and she would get upset, something in the kitchen would randomly break. Happened way too many times to be coincidental and the things that broke did so in inexplicable ways. I clearly remember one instance very early in the morning standing in the kitchen, telling her she couldn’t have cake from the night before. She immediately looked angry and I heard a weird “plink” sound in the cupboard. Opened it to find the plate on the top of the stack was cracked in several places.”—inkswamp


“Had a dream that I got a phone call saying my brother that I haven’t seen in 10 years had died. Two days later I got a call that he actually had died.”—charlie2135


“Time slipped by my friend and I one day. We got a contract in another town and drove out daily for 2 weeks. It was 1 hour to get there and 1 hour back but one day it took us 3 hours to get back to town. My friend realized something was wrong when his wife called him up asking why he turned his phone off and why he was so late. We left a little before 2pm and the call came almost at 5pm.

To this day we can’t explain it, and to further complicate matters we both have receipts from a gas station we stopped at just before we got on the highway that are time-stamped a bit after 2pm. My theory is that the aliens took us for 2 hours but who the hell knows.”—U2SpyPlane