Well That’s Not Something You See Everyday (21 Odd Pics)

Before the camera phone, if you saw something weird and you were by yourself, you had to rely on your ability to describe it to your friends later, who would then most likely call you a liar anyway.

Now, the internet is choked with bizarre images from around the world. Now, no one will call you a liar. Now…no one really cares.

1. Is that a banana in your pocket or did your parents not pay attention to you as a kid?

2. This guy has bodies in his basement.

3. Finally, a product marketed to me.

4. Sea turtles be like:

5. Oh cool a racist pug.

6. Hotrodderick.

7. The last thing you see at Burning Man before you pass out.

8. I’ll have the McFalafel.

9. Looking at you, Spider-Man.

10. Never made it past the blonde dredlocks to the left.