How The Hell Is This Woman Sitting Like This?

Most of us make an attempt to be as comfortable as possible if we’re riding the subway. If there’s a seat, yes, you want it. It’s the best way to subway (yes I made it a verb), especially if you have a long journey ahead. Anything to not have to touch those disgusting poles, am I right, my fellow germophobes?!

The woman in the photo below, however, manages to make sitting seem like the most uncomfortable option. I think after you take a look at it and attempt to try it out yourself, you’ll agree that this woman sits weird.

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I mean, come on. I’m in pain just looking at it. Yet, I can stop trying to attempt to do it myself. How is it possible? Is this woman made of rubber? Is she a slug? Did she have her bones removed in order to always be able to fit comfortably on a subway even if it’s jam packed? My brain is in so much pain just trying to figure it all out.

(via: SickOfFeelingNumb, h/t Uproxx)

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