I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying (50 Heartwarming Posts)

We’re living in stressful times. Whenever things get a little crazy it’s important to remind ourselves there are good folks out there. It’s easy to stare at the news and “doomscroll” all day but it’s healthy to mix in a heartwarming story every once in a while.

Take a moment to enjoy these heartwarming stories and wholesome pics from people doing kind things and try not to cry. You deserve it.

1. This hairstylist who made a huge impact on someone’s life.

2. The nicest comment on any video.

3. This kid spending time with his father.

4. Not All Karens

5. This gift that keeps giving.

6. Heartwarming Tumblr comments.

7. Pink means forever.

8. Wholesome NYC subway Twitter exchange.

9. The only acceptable form of catcalling.

10. Friendly neighbors.

11. Cats DO care.

12. Aggressive Generocity.

13. Wholesome Come Up

14. Helpful people on Reddit.

15. Cool neighbor kids.