Men Are Sharing Things They Wish More Boys Were Taught And They’re Good Lessons For Everyone (20 Posts)

We have an incredibly wholesome thread from the AskMen subreddit to share with you today!


Redditor u/RoseGold_Babe recently wondered:

“What’s something you wish more boys or younger men were taught?”

And the men of Reddit responded with wonderful replies that made me really wish I had a son so I could help teach them some of these things!

1. Quiet matters

The empty can rattles the loudest. Ignore the showoffs and blowhards. They’re not impressive or important.


2. Walk

How to walk away from a fight.


3. A few things

How to recognise NPD and BPD, what a toxic relationship looks like, what healthy boundaries look like, and how to set and maintain them.


4. Abuse

Don’t accept abusive partners. If she starts being abusive walk away as soon as you can safely.


5. Dating

Just the fundamentals of dating. What exactly is meant by “confidence.” Why you should put effort into your appearance, and people aren’t automatically shallow for caring about it. How to accept rejection and take no for an answer. How to be a good listener. Why it’s bad to “play it cool” and then “confess your feelings” later.


How to recognize and handle women crossing their boundaries. The way consent is currently taught makes it seems like only boys need to gain consent from only girls about only sex, and that’s way too narrow minded. Consent is not gendered and not sex specific.


7. Sex ed lies

Was also taught in sex ed your both drunk the guys still committing rape because guys “can’t” get boners when too drunk. I’ve got them repeatedly with my partner when I’ve blacked out so I was taught lies in Sex ed.


8. Self-worth

That women don’t get to determine your self worth.


9. Therapy

Your problems can’t be your excuse for treating people poorly, it’s okay to ask for help, therapy doesn’t mean you’ve failed.


10. You are responsible

You’re an individual who is solely responsible for yourself


11. Alone

Being alone is ok and often times better than being with a woman.


12. Self-sacrifice

that being self-sacrificing because you think that is what is expected of men is not a virtue but a vice


13. Being masculine

it’s all about how you channel your masculinity. it is possible to be masculine and kind all at once.


14. Value

That your value as a person isn’t based on how much money you make or how many girls you can attract.


15. A bit of practical advice

Switching a tire…didn’t realize how many people don’t know how to do it


16. Invest

Invest, invest, invest. Quit wasting your money on BS.


17. Let it die

If a relationship ends once, let it end forever. If it didn’t work the first time, you can bet it wont work a second time. Don’t go back to something just bc its familiar


18. There’s a difference

The difference between being a strong man and being an asshole.


19. Walk away

It takes more balls to walk away and be the bigger person than it is to throw down


20. It’s okay

It’s okay if you’re insecure or not always sure about everything. You’re neither less of a man or human for feeling that way, and insecurities aren’t something that only specific sections of the population have a right to feel.