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People Are Sharing The Delightfully Simple Things That Make Them Happy (20 Posts)

I’m so excited to be able to bring you this adorably wholesome list — it’s just stuff that makes people happy. Thanks to u/0223dandellion‘s post on AskReddit, we have the best answers to the question:

“What’s the simplest thing that makes you happy?”

Let us know in the comments what your simple happy is!

1. Aww

My husband has severe anxiety. Hearing him sing to himself when he thinks I’m not listening makes me incredibly happy because I know he’s happy!


2. Dog love

Coming home from a shitty shift to see pets that are just SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!! You kinda forget how shitty your day was because you know you’ve made their day by coming home.


3. Best feeling

Fresh bedding.


4. Quack!

Ducks. They amuse the hell out of me.


5. Treasured

Solitude, I don’t get it very often so it’s very special when it happens.


6. Baby!

My kitten always comes running to the door to greet me when I come home. She makes this little squeak and turns around so I can scratch her tail, then trots off to wherever. She just makes me so happy by welcoming me home, every time.


7. Know what you like

Every morning I have the same breakfast: a toasted everything bagel with a fried egg and a slice of Monterey Jack cheese inside (some times I get freaky and add some fresh basil leaves) with a cup of earl grey tea.

Some people people may say it’s boring but it brings a smile to my face every morning without fail.


8. Be the smile

Making someone laugh. Even if it’s a small laugh or smile, it still makes me happy.


9. Prrs

That little prrrr noise my kitten makes.


10. Plane app

I’ve never traveled much, and I also have some degree of travel anxiety, so I’ve got some things to work on. But at night I love to open the flight tracker app on my phone and see where the planes overhead are coming from and flying to, and remember how much there is to go see besides my little corner of the universe.


11. Quiet

Quiet. Sitting out back watching the sunset with my dog, drinking a beer. Just thinking.


12. Get fancy

being able to dress up and look cute. i have a six month old son i watch everyday so i dont leave the house much but any occasion i get to do my make up and wear a cute outfit always improves my mood


13. Hugs

I moved off to college and went three and a half days without a hug, which is actually a record for me… I’m so glad I only live 44 minutes from home.


14. Home

When I’ve been on a flight (or flights) all day and finally get back to my home airport, get in my car and close the door.


15. Compliments

Compliments can make me cry because human kindness is rare in my life to this point I started receiving more of it though


16. The waves

The sounds at the beach make me so happy and relaxed. I live in the Midwest so it’s not often I get to go to the beach


17. A child

My daughter. Just seeing her sleeping, sitting there, when i hear her giggle, or see her on wifi. Life took on a whole new meaning after just losing my 8 year old son.


18. Kids

When my kids say thank you dad


19. Coffee

A cup of homemade coffee.


20. Hand to hold

My girlfriend reaching for my hand.