People Are Typing ‘I Need More’ And Letting Predictive Text Do The Rest (18 Pics)

Over on the Pleated Jeans Facebook page, people are responding to a post that says “Type ‘I need more’ and see what pops up. Mine was ibuprofen.’ This is a super fun way to let predictive text tell you your most used words and phrases and show what seems to always be on your mind. 

The answers were all over the place and some ended up being really funny. Here are the best ones we found! 


2. Why was she talking about cows so much??

3. Sorry mom! 

4. Maybe she’s an FBI agent? 

5. Don’t we all!

6. Sounds like a typical Target run! 

7. Stronger meds sound great. 

8. I need so so so much sleep. 

9. Who doesn’t need more money? 

10. Just yelling at the blood pressure to lower it. 

11. Give me more hours! 

12. Baby on board, never sold. 

13. Give me some things! 

14. The oven is now a firework! 

15. Just give me some time to phone please. 

16. No one knows about the horse. 

17. Good for you Michael! 

18. It’s taco time!