2019 Wasn’t All Bad After All (19 Wholesome Posts)

Here at Ruin My Week, we work every day to bring you things that are terribly awful and to confirm your lack of faith in humanity. But the sad fact is that some things are so pure and we can’t think of anything mean to say about them. Some of these things even make it on to the internet and, miraculously, remain uncorrupted and good—the rare wholesome posts. When that happens it’s more or less a holiday miracle and everyone gathers around the digital manger to rejoice and celebrate the newborn photo, story, or meme. As much as it pains our cynical hearts to do this…

Here are 19 wholesome posts from 2019.

1. This kid who brought his whole class to his adoption hearing.


2. These fresh-baked cuties.

3. This guy who found his long-lost video game buddy after years.

4. “A neighbor I’ve never even spoken to saw that I was home alone all day on Thanksgiving and brought me this.” 

5. This dick joke that saved lives.

6. This hero who crocheted a huge bag of hats for a local shelter.

7. This thoughtful, health-conscious janitor.

8. These stubborn beaus.

9. This little bro’s note for his big brother who suffers from depression.

10. These 10,000 New Yorkers who had their marijuana convictions overturned under the new law.