Boss Tries To Force Worker To Come In Over Thanksgiving And It Backfires When He Quits

When are bosses going to learn that literally threatening their employees doesn’t always work? Oh, you’re going to fire me? Okay, cool, see you later!

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In a post titled “I feel like I can breathe again,” One Redditor was especially peeved after his boss just decided to override the OP’s approved vacation day, which was Thanksgiving. So after asserting that he would not come in for Thanksgiving no matter what, the boss started to panic.

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Redditors delighted in the strong message sent to a boss who didn’t respect his worker’s boundaries and schedule.

“’Please call me now.’ ‘No. Whatever you want to say to me, you can put it in writing.’” —


“This call is recorded for quality assurance purposes, thank you for calling your ex employee.” —


“‘We’re short staffed!’ ‘I’m not coming in.’ ‘Come in or you’re fired.’ ‘I guess you’re even shorter staffed now, bye!’” —


“I loved working at jobs like this because you literally have the upper hand. My supervisor tried making me work Wednesday to Saturday instead of the schedule I signed for which was Sunday to Wednesday. I said ‘No, but I’ll be in Sunday.’ He literally couldn’t do anything. We are already short staffed. I said, you can suck it up and find a way to fill those 40 hours, or I can quit and you can find a way to fill 80 hours.” —


“Please call me now so that you don’t have what I’m about to say in writing.” —


“That’s where you pull the ‘I’d like all communications in writing since I’ve tendered my notice.’” —


“I don’t get it dude. My roommate works for a job with a great boss and they’re very short staffed at the moment, so between him, his boss, and his two other co-workers, they actively communicate days off and who’s gonna cover who, weeks in advanced, and his boss is very understanding if someone needs to take off on short notice and they make it work. It shouldn’t be this hard.” —


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