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Viral Video Calls Out Employees Who Always Have ‘Personal Issues’ Affecting Their Work, Managers Weigh-In

A TikToker’s message to individuals who often have” personal issues” that affect their professional life is gaining popularity among viewers on the platform, as many can relate to having coworkers or managing employees with similar habits.

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TikToker Morgan (@morganwithpolish), who creates content to help young professionals, shared a video in which she asks the viewer if they’re one of those employees who always have “personal issues.”


Hard truth: Emergencies don’t consistently happen 4 days a week. 😔#motivation #hardtruth #success #girlboss #hrtiktok #repost

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“Does your roommate always get locked out of their house so you have to go and run?” she says in the video. “Does your babysitter always cancel on you so you have to leave work early? Are you someone whose car broke down every time you were on the way to work, or multiple times? You may have amazing excuses for why something is happening, but it stunts your professional growth when you always have a mishap and you always have something going on.”

She urged viewers to make sure they are taking responsibility for maintaining their professional progress by keeping their personal issues under control.

“Do your best to organize your external life, and I’m not saying that you have to have it all together, because I know some people are going to be like, ‘but we’re still humans,’” she says. “I know you’re human, that’s why this is for people that care about their job and wanna go far. Figure out how to get your shit together so that you are not that person that always has a problem.”

Many viewers concurred with her viewpoint and shared stories of coworkers who frequently had to take time off for various reasons.

Other viewers who hold management roles praised the video as valuable advice for young professionals.