Nightclub Bartender Shares The “Icks” She Gets From Certain Types Of Customers

From the overconfident pickup artists who strut their moves to the relentless selfie-takers who demand attention amidst the hustle, nightclub bartenders have seen it all. With a mix of humor and frustration, they’ve developed a sixth sense for spotting the “ick-worthy” customers, those whose behavior prompts an inward eye-roll and a sigh of ‘here we go again.’

Recently, one nightclub bartender, Jackie (@jacquelinee.rose), shred her list of “icks” she gets from certain customers.

“My No. 1 ick is when a guy brings a girl over to the bar. He orders the drinks. He goes, ‘We’ll take two vodka sodas,’ ordering for her. I make the drinks, I walk them over to him. You would assume that the man is going to pay. He just brought this girl over, they don’t know each other. And when I look at him for payment, he looks over to the girl.”

She also hates credit card tappers. “Bonus points if it’s one of those thick, metal American Expresses that really, really makes the noise.”

Her third ick is when people ask for “extra liquor.” “And nine times out of 10, these are the people who don’t tip.”

Her fourth and final ick is when someone spills a drink and then expects another one for free. “If you expect something for free, you’re going to get nothing for free.”


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