TikToker Says Her Job Straight-Up Rejected Her Two-Week Notice Request

Fun fact – check your contract, but you probably are not even required to give two-weeks notice when you leave your job.

COVID-19 has seen a lot of upheaval in the business world; there have been labor shortages, massive exoduses from workplaces, wild wages and benefits, and now a hiring freeze.

TikToker Courtney Reder recently tried to join the exodus of employees but she recently posted that her job wouldn’t even let her put in her two weeks notice — in other words, her job “didn’t allow” her to quit. The TikTok from @courtneyyy_lynn shows a video of Courtney drinking coffee with a text overlay that says, “When I put my 2 weeks in at a job and it got rejected because I was still needed.”

Again, though, she can just flat up quit.

courtneyyy_lynn / TikTok

Of course, that may result in some anger with her managers and may mean she can’t use this job as a reference, so that’s something to weigh when you decide if you want to bother with the two weeks notice.

In Courtney’s caption, she wrote, “I now have 3 jobs and still trying to make ends meet.”

Other TikTokers commented on how to handle the sticky situation. A lot of people told Courtney to just “say no” and couldn’t wrap their minds around why she wouldn’t just stop going to work the day she told them she would.

One user wrote, “That’s not how that works, just do what I did and stop showing up after two weeks.”

Another said, “Last time I checked they can’t keep you in a job when you say you’re going to quit.”

jensen / TikTok

Courtney, meanwhile, said she pitched a compromise: she’d work the job, but work fewer hours. She says she did like working there, despite asking to leave.

Another commenter pointed out that if the job wanted her that badly, she should ask for a raise. Hopefully she did and got it!


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