19 People Share Their Reasons For Walking Out Of A Job Interview

Reddit user King_Sublimibus asked people their reasons for walking out of a job interview—and boy, did they deliver! Some of the stories that responders shared ran the gamut from the terrifying to the strange. Here are some of our favorites.

Ethnic businessman shaking hand of applicant in office
Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels


“The owner of the company told me she’d come to my house and cut off all my hair if I ever shared any information with her competitors…I never shared any info about the company, but you better believe I told everyone what she had said to me.” — JoannaStayton


“The interviewer raised her voice and became verbally abusive during the interview. I stood up, announced the meeting was over, and left.” — doublestitch


“As a teen I was so delighted there was an opening at the Humane Society, Seattle’s local pet rescue and adoption center. Filled out the application. When handing it in, I was asked if I was comfortable loading and unloading the crematorium. Growing up comes in one little chunk of horror at a time.” — Hollygrl


“Was applying for a youth pastor position ~15 years ago. Wanted me to work full time for 30k and my wife to ‘volunteer’ as church admin for free full time. I informed him that my wife has a bachelors in education and the student loans aren’t going to pay for themselves…He said I need to have more faith that I would be taken care of by God…Honestly the prime example I have of why I was never successful at joining the ministry.” — Dmonney


“It was right when i said, ‘i noticed this job position was available 3 times before but i was in college and didn’t need it. Why has it opened up so many times so quickly?’

‘the manager is a c**t’

‘alright thank you very much I’ll be looking elsewhere'” — KURO-K1SH1


“The guy corrected me and thought he was right (finance question), and he was off. I tried to explain it to him in a non-complex way, and he wouldn’t listen. He told me I didn’t know how to take constructive criticism.” — astronaut_for_Tea


“Interviewed for a security job at a hotel. They told me that committing crimes daily was part of the job description (forcibly removing homeless people from the surrounding public property). Not only is that immoral, it’s way too dangerous.” — DaveSW777


“He put his hand on my thigh and slid it up my skirt. I hit him with a coffee mug and left” —cassity2829.


“Studied and worked 7 years for a masters in mechanical engineering. First interview out of college, ‘we don’t really value a masters degree here, we’ll hire you at a bachelor’s level and see how it pans from there.’ He then crosses out my masters on my resume in front of me. I promptly told him I wasn’t interested and walked out.” — parrish911


“I had an interview at Taco Bell when I was in high school. The manager interviewing me had a headset on to help out with the drive through. We could also hear what the customers were saying when they ordered. When he was interviewing me he was talking to the other employee on the headset about the customers. He said things along the lines of them being fat and sounding like a girl and just really rude things about customers. Not the right environment for me.” — Love3748