These “Sovereign Citizens” Think They Don’t Have To Pay Taxes Or Obey Laws. They Definitely Do.

The internet gives everyone access to a ton of really useful information and a ton of absolute nonsense. Apparently, some people who desperately need to log off call themselves “Freemen” or “sovcits,” short for sovereign citizens, who believe they are only bound to statute laws if they consent to those laws. They believe that the “true law” is whatever their interpretation of the law is. It makes a lot of sense if you lack critical thinking skills. 

No Freemen tactics have ever been upheld in a court of law, but that doesn’t stop them from trying for some reason. It turns out these freemen’s beliefs are based on maritime laws and therefore use weird nautical terms to try weasel their way out of obeying normal laws, like driving with a license plate. 

They deny legal representation and view the UK and Canada are technically corporations, that their body and their “legal persons” are separate things, they don’t believe in paying taxes, and every law is a contract they can opt-out of. Fascinating stuff. 

Subreddit r/amibeingdetained is a dedicated place for people to dump the weird sovcits they see in the wild. Their posts are a delight to behold.

1. You don’t get a diplomatic passport, buddy. 

2. Their tactics do not work. 

3. A weird fake ID. 

4. That’s not how it works. 

5. “Do not consent” to being evicted.

6. Will this get me into a bar? 

7. This might not go how you think it will. 

8. No more paying bills for me! 

9. I’m surprised he tipped! 

10. Who gave these people laminators? 

11. If you don’t call it a vehicle, they can’t make you get out of it. 

12. You still need a license plate, ma’am. 

13. Please don’t try this one at home. 

14. It didn’t work. 

15. I’m sure the post office loves you. 

16. Not a terrible idea. 

17. They made a “micro-nation.”

18. This is almost an excellent scheme. 

19. Never worry about being robbed again! 

20. You proceed by going to jail.