People Are Sharing Pictures Of The Creepiest Things They’ve Ever Seen And I May Need Therapy After This (25 Pics)

Is it October yet?

No? OH WELL, you guys, because I have a terrifying list for you today that will get you all sorts of creeped out.

We scoured the internet and found 20 of the absolute creepiest images and put them all in one very spooky spot for you: here.

Scroll through and let us know which ones would send you screaming for the hills.

1. This baby monitor


2. Go to the hospital!


3. What did this dude do!?


4. The last piece of bacon got seriously wrong vibes.

5. This door in the ceiling of a school


6. Hoover Dam spillway tunnel


7. Creepy cemetery in the woods


8. That’s fog.


9. Silent screaming.

10. A hole

11. The ticks

12. NOPE.

13. Camera

14. Bloody eggs

15. This mushroom