People Found Out Reusable Toilet Paper Is A Thing And Not Everyone’s On Board

Sustainability is awesome, but is there such thing as going too far? That’s what the internet is discussing after learning reusable toilet paper exists.

This type of reusable toilet paper is often called “family cloth” and can either come in squares dispensed via roll or stacked on top of one another.

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New or newer parents may already be familiar with cloth diapers, which is the same concept, just for babies.

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Turning typically paper goods into cloth reusables is nothing new, there are just more people participating thanks to raised awareness surrounding environmental impact.

In fact, these products have become a staple in the sustainable space.

Yes, the post-potty cleanup sounds like an awful mess, but check out the benefits of swapping paper for cloth.

First, cost. You can use common materials at home and not have to replace it with the frequency of paper toilet paper. Second, cutting paper purchases can reduce pollution from paper production. Oh, they’re also incredibly pandemic proof. Remember March 2020 when toilet paper was a hot commodity? A large group of people slept soundly, knowing they had more than enough reserves with their cloth TP.

Of course, everything has its cons. The biggest is proper cleaning to prevent bacteria from spreading. For those who see larger benefits in the pros, careful cleaning is not a big issue.

While many people are swapping paper for cloth, others are saying “absolutely not, never in my life.”

Whatever you choose, you can’t get mad at people for being financially and environmentally responsible.

Lead image: Snappygoat