“I Am Struggling To Deal With This”—Rare Footage Of The Inside Of A Kangaroo Pouch Elicits Strong Reactions

As an avid follower of multiple kangaroo-related Instagram accounts, there are few mysteries of the kangaroo body left to me. A viral TikTok video from Alexandra Kalin has taught me that most people do not know anything about the large, weird marsupial—or what the inside of a kangaroo pouch looks like—and I think that’s a shame.

There are so many strange and wondrous creatures on this earth that have populated cartoons and kids stories, and none of them go into the biological realities of growing your baby about halfway, birthing it, and then putting it in a flesh pouch to finish baking. We need these lessons in schools.

The video shows a pair of greedy human hands reach towards a very compliant kangaroo mom and pull apart the furry opening to her pouch, showing a baby ‘roo all up in there. You can tell that the interior of the pouch is pink and fleshy. I’m not sure what Twitter user @jusdisappointin was imagining, but they shared the video along with the caption, “I THOUGHT KANGAROOS HAD A POUCH NOT A GAPING HOLE IN THEIR FLESH???????”

Sure makes having a crib for an infant feel like a luxury, huh? Anyway, the tweet took off as people lost their minds over this new information. If you’ve been picturing a kangaroo pouch as just a little fur-lined flap like the folder inside a Moleskin notebook, I’m sure that this video is abrasive. People were freaking out and wishing they could go back to a time where they did not know about any of this:

But some people wisely decided to gain more knowledge, and discovered that kangaroo biology absolutely slaps:

The world is full of wonders, and about half of those wonders live in Australia. 

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