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If One Animal Was Made The Size Of A Whale, Which Would Be The Scariest? (20 Replies)

It’s a good thing every animal isn’t the size of a whale or we’d all be screwed.

Could you imagine if insects weren’t tiny little things? Or what about cats? They don’t sound so cuddly anymore, do they?

Someone decided to ask the internet which animals would be the scariest if they were the size of whales, and the responses have me feeling grateful I don’t have to fight off whale-sized chimpanzees on my way to the grocery store.

Here’s how people responded.

If one animal was made the size of a whale, which would be the scariest?



closeup photo of black gorilla

Chimpanzee. Already very strong and incredibly smart, just imagine if you pissed it off.


via, Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Any microscopic insect/organism whose form is unfamiliar to human eyes as is.


brown chicken on green grass field during daytime

A chicken would be absolutely terrorizing.


black ant on black wire

Ants would be pretty scary. Their faces.. keep it microscopic


Brown Multi Leg Insect
via, Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Giant centipede. They’re terrifying enough at centipede size.


white duck on grass field

Ducks due to the gigantic corkscrew penis


yellow and black dragonfly on brown stem in close up photography during daytime

Dragonfly… Any river will be deadly and later they just kill you from the air.


green mantis near green plant
via, Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Praying Mantis


black and white cat lying on brown bamboo chair inside room

Cats. The zoomies would be apocalyptic.


brown and black spider close-up photography



brown and black fish on ice
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yellow and black bee on white surface



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A slime mould cell.

It’s basically an amoeba, so not that scary. One whale-sized blob of cytoplasm that can’t do very much.

BUT … every now and then, it’ll join forces with hundreds of thousands of its siblings. They gloop together to form one massive superorganism that’s now no longer the size of a whale; it’s the size of Mount Everest.

It then sets off looking for food and digesting everything in its path. It squelches over our farms and cities, digesting them all. The armed forces try to blow it up, but every time they do, it just divides and carries on as before, eating everything and getting bigger. It is unstoppable.

Oh, and it’s smart. Capable of navigation, learning, and memory, despite not having a brain or any sensory organs as we know them.

It then decides to stop. It produces an armada of spores that disperse on the wind and waters to cover the globe. They return to being a single, whale-sized blob.

Until its myriad brethren over the world decide to coalesce again. Because it’s lunchtime.


via, Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

Horseflies. Fuck those buzzing, biting, blood-drinking vampires.


grey dolphin on body of water during daytime

Baby whale so then it would grow into a mega whale


brown mosquito

A mosquito…female


four shrimps on top of ice
via, Photo by AM FL on Unsplash

Pistol shrimp. Imagine the heat they can generate at that size.

“The internal low pressure causes a water pulse that immobilizes prey with an associated noise of 218 dB which is louder than a bullet, and reportedly a temperature of 4800 degrees centigrade which is similar to the surface temperature of the sun”


Green Frog
via, Photo by Pixabay on Pexels


ONLY BECAUSE they will eat anything that can fit in their mouth.

now imagine a whale-sized frog with its whale-sized mouth being able to eat anything that can fit.

buildings, people cars, most likely whales, planes, boats you name it it’s gone


Selective Focus Photography of Octopus
via, Photo by Pia on Pexels

Octopus….they are crazy smart…


Free stock photo of animal, barbaric, cold
via, Photo by Bryan Smith on Pexels

Honey badger. They just have a bad attitude