YouTube Star Slammed For Posting Videos Eating Live Sea Creatures

A popular YouTuber in South Korea is facing backlash after sharing videos of herself eating live seafood.

Ssoyoung creates videos that appeal to the mukbang and ASMR communities—which is to say, the people who like watching other people eat, and the people who like listening to the sounds it makes. Her videos often feature her eating seafood, and not all of that seafood is dead at the time.

But beyond merely eating live sea creatures, a practice that is common in some cultures, Ssoyoung is specifically being accused of making a spectacle out of the way the living creatures are consumed, so as to create shock value and draw in more viewers with controversy and vividly disturbing images.

According to Insider, Ssoyoung’s videos include scenes of “leaving the octopus whole and allowing the tentacles to wrap around her mouth” and coating live squids “in soy sauce and [reacting] to the writing cephalopods.”

Fellow YouTubers have begun to call out Ssoyoung for these types of videos.

“She tortures and kills animals before she eats them,” pet-focused YouTuber Tyler Rugge said in a video earlier this month. “On camera.”

A similar sentiment was shared by Ethan Klein, who made a video centering around the criticism that Ssoyoung’s videos don’t just show her consuming live animals, but that she appears to consistently highlight the cruelty enacted upon them in the process.

Both YouTubers pointed out that YouTube specifically prohibits animal cruelty, and yet Ssoyoung’s videos remain.

Even PETA got involved after a certain point.

Some have chalked Ssoyoung’s antics up to culture differences, but others have voiced their disagreement with that claim.

Regardless, YouTube has insisted Ssoyoung’s videos are within its guidelines.

“Our Trust & Safety team is located around the glove and we draw upon this regional expertise when drafting our policies,” a spokesperson for YouTube told Insider. “We have strict policies regarding animal abuse, and have determined the videos highlighted do not violate them.”

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