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Students Are Sharing The Embarrassing “Forgot To Turn Mic/Camera Off” Zoom Moments (20 Stories)

As COVID-19 rages on, we’ve had to make quite a few societal adjustments: specifically, learning how Zoom meetings work through the most embarrassing trial and error.

We’ve all been muted when it’s our turn to speak, or – even worse – been unmuted during a particularly embarrassing exchange. A few people already working from home or with remote teams have had a head start with digital conferencing. Students, however, have quite the learning curve to get past.

One of the biggest challenges presented during COVID-19 times is how to carry out digital education. Students of all ages are now expected to know how to operate video conferencing software like Zoom, and it’s going uncomfortably.

Recently, Reddit user LargeFella wanted to know of the most awkward Zoom experiences students have had and the internet came through with some cringe-worthy moments. Here are 20 of our favorites.




“One of my classmates was talking to someone off-screen about how shitty the class is and how stupid our lecturer is. Her mic and camera were both on. She was rambling for about 30 seconds when the lecturer just said her name. She just looked over at her screen, leaned forward a tad, then her eyes went wide and she covered her mouth. She immediately left the meeting, haven’t seen her in class since.

This was 2 weeks ago.” – SirHasselblad 


“Just today, this one guy had some unholy screeching coming through the mic from elsewhere in the house. No context, he just had a mildly panicked look on his face and muted himself.” – LaserbeanSharks


“My kiddo’s the student. His teacher had the kids doing “Show and Tell” today. My kiddo decides to use his older brother for his Show and Tell bit, and yells for him without mentioning that he’s in-class with the webcam on and everything.

So 20-year-old big brother comes trotting into camera-view down the hallway, all shirtless and hairy, and I gather managed to embarrass himself and surprise all the kids too. I saw him go running back down the hallway to put on more clothes before properly saying hi to the kids.” – OpheliaRainGalaxy


“During an all-school meeting, a teacher and his wife got in an argument and you could hear them yelling at each other.” – redditor_number_2156


“Our math teacher is terrifying but doesn’t really know how to work a computer. He was messing everything up and kept accidentally muting himself and stuff. Anyway this girl in my class forgot to mute herself and basically spent a good 2 minutes dissing him with an impressive range of obscenities. At some point she realized that she was broadcasting her extremely low opinions of our teacher to the entire class. The teacher was very unhappy and the girl immediately left the class.” – ChonkDaddy23


“Someone in one of our huge official department meetings was unmuted. You could hear her bf ask in the background, “what are y’all doing?” And she said, “just this stupid meeting, we not doin’ shiiiiieeettt.” It was hilarious. She got kicked out of the meeting tho.” – taintblister


“Not exactly “forgot the camera was on”, but forgot their surroundings.

Webcam starts up, and there’s just a massive dildo on the bed beside where this person was sitting, back behind them.

I’ve never felt so badly for an instance of poor forgetfulness.” – epsilon025


“I accidentally did this to my daughter. She was participating in a zoom uni tutorial. Half an hour earlier I had started trying to fix our clothes dryer which had stopped spinning and was giving off a burning smell. I took the dryer apart and after looking up several YouTube videos managed to fix it. I was so proud of myself I burst into my daughter’s room and said “Guess who fixed the dryer……meeeeeee” with my arms spread out wide. My daughter was mortified and said “Mummmmmmm I’m in a uni lecture” Afterwards she told me the professor told her to tell me she was very happy that I was so happy I fixed the dryer.” – jennib153


“Girl started to full-on make out with her boyfriend. I mean under the shirt, heading to 3rd base type shit. Our professor has to beg her to at least turn off her camera” – Lanzzzalot