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Students Are Sharing The Embarrassing “Forgot To Turn Mic/Camera Off” Zoom Moments (20 Stories)


“My girlfriend told me a story of her taking an online zoom Pilates class at the beginning of everything shutting down. The zoom meeting was set up in presenter instead of gallery mode so whoever is speaking is on the main screen. She said in one of the poses someone farted and their camera popped up on the screen for everyone until the next instruction. Super awkward.” – cwayzeecyclist


“My 7th grade daughter turned on her zoom meeting for her very first class on her first day of school, saw the face of the student who was currently talking, and yelled “Not Victoria, I HATE Victoria”! I asked her if her mike was muted and she looked at her screen horrified, slammed her laptop shut, ran out of the room yelling “I quit school”! It was a rough first day.” – May2211


“Once my very adorable classmate sang “happy birthday” so cheerfully while our prof was discussing. She only noticed it when she came back to class and saw our reactions in the chat. It was her dog’s birthday, she said then apologized for it.

“oh shit” to “awww” real quick :’)” – daytime_moon99


“Just yesterday had a classmate that was dead asleep…Like, head bobbin’, open-mouth ASLEEP.

This went on for about 15 minutes before he woke up, noticed the camera was on and quickly turned it off…It was too late, the prof had already made some remarks…and the lecture’s recorded for later viewing :D” – 0xD153A53


“I thought I had muted myself and I was just doing my work and singing “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan because I had it stuck in my head. Then I looked at my computer and realized I wasn’t muted and then quickly said Oh sorry I accidentally unmuted myself and the teacher said no worries and I could hear her laugh a little.

I wanted to curl up and just lie in a hole. Lol.” – Cheshire_Cat8888


“My church is still doing Zoom church. Apparently a guy didn’t realize his wife was still in Zoom church when he stepped in full view of the camera, totally naked.

I only know this because he said so, so luckily I don’t think anyone noticed.

We also have a time at the end for people to unmute themselves if they want to say hi. Someone unmuted himself, apparently thought it didn’t work, and yelled “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS SHIT.” – Sage__Fox


“My coworker’s 15-year-old son walked thru the background of our weekly all-hands meeting in boxers or shirtless literally every week from when we started in March till I went on maternity leave in July. Apparently the path from both his room and their garage/gym to the bathroom took him past the room where my coworker had set up his workspace. And the kid would finish his morning workout at the same time as the meeting.” –


“I don’t use camera with my work meetings. But one of our cats gets very jealous whenever someone’s talking on a phone, and not paying attention to her. So for the first couple weeks, any time I had to interact on a call, Maui would be climbing all over me and meowing.

It got so bad that my boss started asking if Maui had any input, at the end of each meeting. A lot of my coworkers thought it was hilarious.

She’s gotten used to it now, though, so it’s only maybe once a week that she comes to interrupt, now.” – abbarach


“My mate does IT for a private school and they had issues with kids anonymously drawing dick pics in group zoom meetings. He changed some settings without telling the students and so the next time it happened the artist’s names were displayed against their next creation 🤣” – superhappytech


“I had a fan sitting on my desk. I put my feet on my desk to sit comfortably. I accidentally kicked the fan of my desk. It fell on the floor with a loud bang. I was startled and cursed. Then I heard my teacher laughing and asking if everything was okay. I then realized I had my microphone AND camera on, so they heard the bang, and saw as well as heard me cursing. Good times” – brusselaar123

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