25 Times Clueless People Had No Idea Who They Were Talking To

On the internet everyone’s an armchair quarterback ready to leap into a conversation between two strangers to insert their opinion or correct the facts. The problem is most people aren’t as smart or knowledgable as they think they are and, in the rush to puff up their own egos by being right, often get it very very wrong.

One of the most satisfying genres of people stepping on online rakes occurs when someone tries to school a stranger…only to discover that the person they’re correcting is actually the actor/director/author/historical figure that they’re basing their incorrect opinion on. Sometimes these instances of mistaken identity are perfectly innocent whereas other times comeuppance are deservedly delivered.

In those cases the self-own factor is off the charts and it’s just so satisfying.

1. This skater who had no idea who Tony Hawk was

2. This guy on Twitter who tried to explain Star Wars to…Star Wars

3. These folks who didn’t want the guy who wrote Men In Black to “mansplain” Men In Black

4. This insulting commenter who got her ass handed to her by a WW2 veteran

5. This guy who doubted Tom Morello was qualified to rage against the machine

6. This guy who accused a standup comic of stealing his own jokes

7. This twit who came for John Cleese and got silly-walked off the stage

8. This person who should probably just run for office already

9. This actual member of Blink-182 who got OK Boomer’d by teen ignoramuses wearing his t-shirt

10. This person who tried to explain Harry Potter to J.K. Rowling

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