25 Times Clueless People Had No Idea Who They Were Talking To

11. This guy who has a loyal audience but not one that’s good with faces

12. This brand that will have to blush and give their employee a raise

13. This sexist who didn’t bother to google the person he was insulting

14. This person who went after Khalid’s knowledge of Germany

15. This know-it-all who told Seth Rogen to “show some respect” and “read the article”…not realizing the article was about (wait for it) Seth Rogen.

17. This “fan” who questioned Ice T’s omnipresence

18. This fanboy who found out the hard way that women can be nerds too

19. This person who had no idea their dentist sired Cap

20. This angry rando who doubts whether Stephen King has even read “The Stand”