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Tony Hawk Tweeted About Not Being Recognized At A COVID Testing Site

Like a responsible citizen, skateboarding champion Tony Hawk went to a COVID-19 testing center with his family, presumably to get tested for COVID.

While his name is very recognizable, the man himself must not be while wearing a mask, not on a skateboard, and accompanied by children. The person filling out forms didn’t know they were talking to Tony Hawk, but they seemed excited by the possibility they were talking to someone related to Tony Hawk.

“At a Covid testing site (wearing masks), handing over paperwork for me & two of my kids,” Hawk wrote on Twitter.

The woman looking over papers said to him, “Okay… Anthony, Keegan and Kadence… Hawk? Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?”

“Yes,” Hawk replied.

“Are you pulling my leg?” she asked.

“No, we are all directly related to him,” he answered.

This isn’t the first time that Tony Hawk hasn’t been recognized, no matter how beloved a figure he is. He regularly shares stories on Twitter about people meeting him, feeling like they’ve met him somewhere before, and not quite being able to place it. He seems amused rather than offended.

Like when someone thought he resembled Tom Brady:

Or the villain of Ghost:

Someone named Kelly:

And even mistaken for himself:

That’s a lot of great Tony Hawk content, but one of the most famous moments of Tony Hawk on Twitter is probably the now-deleted meme of him replying to someone saying how sad they’d be to kill him in a race war:

Even if you’re not a fan of skateboarding, you can get a kick out of Tony Hawk being constantly humbled by his own fans.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recognize Tony Hawk either. But I’d be really excited to meet him.

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