Tony Hawk Tweets Whenever People Don’t Recognize Him And Keeps Getting Funnier

They say you should never meet your heroes. 

For skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, it would appear many people heed that advice by simply not realizing they’ve even met him.

Last year we covered the phenomenon of Tony turning to Twitter to hilariously chronicle each time a “fan” failed to recognize him, but since then Tony has shared dozens more awkward encounters, so we figured we owe everyone an update.

First off though, in case you don’t know, Tony Hawk is a pro skater — generally thought one of the best of all time, and certainly one of the most recognizable.

Many people remember him like this:

But this is Tony Hawk now:


Still looking young, if I may say so, but apparently not young enough to merit being correctly ID’d ad the drive through…

Or by the TSA.

Or as a skateboarder at all.

Or as Patrick Swayze (who sadly passed away in 2009)

Or at the TSA again.

Actually, it seems to happen a lot when he travels.

Kudos to Tony for having a good sense of humor about all of this. God knows even if he didn’t, I’d still think it was hilarious.

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Jason Mustian

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