23 People Who Had No Idea Who They Were Talking To


1. This Facebook user who tried arguing a point about Indiana Jones’ costumes with the woman who actually made them.

ciza161 / Via

2. This student who had gotten accepted for an internship with NASA—then lost it due to her potty mouth on Twitter (seen by a councilman AT NASA).

@HomerHickam / @NaomiH_official

3. This bartender who had no idea who Stephen Amell—who plays the Green Arrow—is.

4. This woman who had no idea who Mara Wilson actually is, or that she starred in Matilda.

5. This Twitter user who tried arguing that Donald Trump wrote his own book—with the person who actually wrote Donald Trump’s book.

Twitter: @jk_rowling

6. This Internet user who has no idea who actually wrote Infinity War, or that Jonathan Hickman is the genius behind it.

Twitter: @JHickman

7. This student who had no idea he was speaking to the professor.

8. This Reddit user who doesn’t understand how moderators work.

JohnnyHotshot / Via reddit

9. This stranger who couldn’t tell that Zach Galifianakis actually is Zach Galifianakis. 

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10. This Facebook user who tried arguing with the CEO of a company how to pronounce the company name.

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