Women Share Worst Cringe Texts They’ve Ever Accidentally Sent (20 Posts)

Let’s take a quick visit over to the AskWomen subreddit, where users can get real opinions from a female perspective. Here we have u/plaid-blazer asking the community, “What’s the worst text you’ve ever accidentally sent to the wrong person?”

The answers range from the truly cringey to the laugh-out-loud “oh no!”. We rounded up some of the best (…worst??) answers we could find and hope you have a blast reading through them.

1. Tinder 

I was talking to a guy from tinder and telling my best friend about him. I screen shotted something on his fb, and sent it to him (instead of her) along with something along the lines of ‘im being a super creep, but I think he has a gf’. About died, we still went on our date, it went great, and low and behold he had a fucking girlfriend lol


2. Does not use them

I asked my male manager for a tampon, by mistake, I wanted to text my work bff

“Hey just got a surprise visit, do you have a tampon?”

And he replied : sorry I do not use them.


3. Wrong thank you

I was getting back into dating using a dating app. Had drinks and dinner with two different men a few days apart. I was scheduled for a medical procedure a couple of days after that and had mentioned it as I couldn’t meet up for a week or so after the initial dates.

A huge bouquet of flowers was delivered to the hospital from one of them, totally unexpected. Their first names started with the same two letters and I texted the wrong one to say thank you, how I’d enjoyed the date and included a picture of the flowers. I did not hear back from him.


4. Smelly folk

In college I accidently sent a text to a group chat about how I didn’t want to hangout with certain people because they smelled really bad and that person was in that text group lol

To be fair they stunk so badly they cleared out rooms.


5. Family error

Once I accidentally texted my mom about how crazy my mom is. That didn’t go awesomely.

But it was nothing like when my sister accidentally sexted my niece. That was a masterpiece.


6. Wrong.

I sent a message intended for a friend saying I was going to break up with my boyfriend while on the phone to said boyfriend. Got confused and sent it to him instead. That was awkward af.


7. Nudes

I was texting with a guy I had a thing with and my daughters friend’s mom at the same time, plannig a sleepover. And I accidentally sent a nude to the mom instead of the guy.


8. The Drugs

“I’m picking up the drugs and then I’ll be there” Sent to my boss.

I got out of work late so I running late to a family function and i was trying to text my mom while driving (this was over 10 years ago and i don’t ever do it any more). I was stopping at the pharmacy to get my grandpa’s and my mom’s medicine since it was on the way but i always shorten it to “getting our/my/the drugs” and since i was driving i accidentally sent it to my boss instead of my mommy.

Shockingly i had a “surprise random drug check” my next shift. I passed with flying colors.


9. Awkwarrrrrd

A coworker and I had the same job at one point. She got promoted so I took on her tasks until they could hire her replacement. I asked her a question regarding her now old job and she basically blew me off. I thought I sent an IM to another coworker saying something like “I’m so fcking done with [name]. Idk why she can’t help me with this question. She just got promoted a week ago so I know she has the answer.”

You guessed it, I sent it to her. She responded with “did you mean to send this to me?” and my heart just sank. I went over to her desk and apologized and said I was stressed out from taking on both jobs and she said it’s fine we all get that way sometimes but things were awkward between us ever since. I still feel bad and this happened years ago.


10. Mother in law

Ugh. I just recently sent my conservative Christian mother in law a joke about god putting the prostate in dude buttholes cause he meant for them to make sweet gay love 🤦🏽‍♀️


11. Boss!

So I used to work for a cell phone carrier and my boss was AWFUL. My boss stole one of my sales again and I blew up. I vent to my dad about everything and I texted him a huge paragraph of why I hated my boss and how ready to quit I was. I accidentally sent it to my boss who was in the same room. Somehow I didn’t get fired and he kinda straightened up with me.


12. Grandma

My granddaughter’s boyfriend had texted a smartass remark to me, when I questioned him about something. I screen-shotted it to send to her mother and accidentally texted it back to him, saying “Look what this little bastard just sent to me.”


13. Nice save

I sent a graphic sext to my best friend instead of my boyfriend. I was 15. It was 2005. Cricket open faced cellphone. Text threads weren’t a thing so it was much easier to send a text to the wrong person. After having a heart attack I followed up with something like “Some random screen name just texted me that!? Have you gotten anything!?”


14. Run.

“Imma show up to your house stop playing” yeah…. That was meant for my ex (toxic situation lol). Ended up texting it to someone who had just texted me to ask me out on a date…


15. Bosses are dangerous

“I hope I didn’t get pregnant last night” sent to my pregnant female boss…intended for my friend with the same first name. 


16. Either way…

My boss had had a big night and came into work still drunk from the night before. I could smell the booze. I meant to text my husband “I think my boss is drunk” but I texted my boss by mistake!! I thought for sure I was going to be fired. (I had only been there a few months). A few minutes later I see him and at this point I’m laughing because what else was I going to do? He asks me what’s so funny. So I tell him “I accidentally texted something to you that was intended for my husband.” Without missing a beat, he pulls his phone out, deletes the text and says “all set”. At first I was relieved. Then I realized that he probably thought I was sexting my husband! 😬


17. Sent to a doctor

Let me preface this by saying I had been drinking. I had also been dumped by my boyfriend 2 months prior, so my self esteem had taken a hit. Because of this, I had lost some weight & was looking pretty good. Had a new haircut & clothes. So I took a picture of myself in a new outfit & sent it to my best friend, saying “someone is going to get some ass this weekend!” I accidentally sent it to the physician I work with because he had texted me about a patient earlier. I wanted to die of shame. He never said a word about it.


18. Texted the guy…

I gave a guy my number on a night out several years ago. I wasn’t overly interested, but he seemed nice enough. He text the following day. I sent a message to my friend about “that prat from last night messaging me.” It did not go to my friend. Poor guy. He took it well, though. No nastiness.

On the other side of that, I got a text from my ex during our relationship that he was supposed to send to the woman he was cheating on me with. That was fun…


19. Not Slack!

If slack counts….. I have no idea how this happened but I had the slack app on my phone. I measured myself for a bridesmaid dress and wrote down the measurements in the apple notes app to order a dress later. Like “Hips 30”, breast 34”, waist 36”,” etc. Well apparently I also pasted MY BODY MEASUREMENTS to my work’s team chat on slack and hit send? Like 20 people were on this chat. The worst part is I had no idea for days. I was fairly new to the job at the time. When I scrolled back in the chat to find something else I saw it and almost passed out. Some people had reacted with the “??” emoji but no one even DMed me on the side. Seriously I wanted to die.


20. A sexy photo

I have a field based job, but during Covid, I was grounded for a few months. On my first trip back, I was texting my husband and the local coworker I was working with at the same time. When traveling before, I would sent my husband provocative pictures, and I was excited to do this again. I ended up sending my coworker a lingerie pic. I didn’t notice until I got the, “Was this meant for me?” text back. I was mortified! Thank goodness I was in my underwear and not naked!! I apologized profusely and explained what happened, but he was cool about it. We had a good laugh about it and things remained the same between us.