People Are Sharing The Regrettable Things Horniness “Made Them Do”


It was yesterday. I paid someone 100$ to drive me for 1.5 hours away from home to a girl when i was drunk and horny. Turns out i couldn’t even get a boner when i went to bed with her.. —Gerdinator


Okay, so this is probably the worse thing that’s ever happened to me.

So ever since I was 8 or 9 there was this one girl who looked after me (my family was in a tough spot at the time), she would help me with homework, go to parks with me and even go to my basketball games. I met her on my first day at my new school in third grade, she was an eighth-grader who happened to be my lunch monitor. We hung out a lot and whenever I got to be alone with her I would always hug her and stuff so she always saw me as a little kid… until well that time we went to a cottage in the summer or my 10th grade. We were there with a couple of her friends. Since she’s like 5 years older than me, her friends were around 20 and I happened to be the only teenager there. Well as you know, I’m no longer a “little kid” and I’ve gone through puberty. But you know I still think she saw me as a little brother or something along those lines but that all changed when I saw them all in bikinis and got hard. So from the window in the main room, I masturbated to them, except well I didn’t know that the girl who looked after me for all those years was still in the cabin. I started to cum and let out a groan, suddenly she came out to see what was happening… and there I was butt-*ss naked with my cum all over the window.

I can’t say that this was my proudest fap. —bobjames312


Shove a plunger up my *ss —jtachilles


Got robbed. Girl in major city at a bar offered me a bj down the alley after some chatting and flirting. I was young dumb and drunk so followed her obviously. You can fill in the rest I’m sure. —Filth_Nasty


When I was in school my teacher asked me to get up in front of the class and I told him “I’ll take the F.” —ExtraViolinist5


I had just made some jell-o and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t entirely good, I don’t know how this got into my head but I decided to freeze it then warmed it up again so it got a flesh like feeling then f—ked it. 6.5. Edit:thanks for the silver! For those wondering it was raspberry flavor —visixnxfapunk


As a teenager (maybe 16?) I was skinnydipping alone in the family pool while everyone was gone. Naturally, I opened the sucky thing on the side of the pool for reasons. Unaware that this particular hole had extreme suction, I put not my d*ck but my balls up to the hole and the hole sucked them in. I freaked out immediately and yanked my body away and was in severe pain (lying on the pool deck) for about 15 minutes. Did not go to the hospital and everything is fine now. I have never told anyone this.

Edit: I have not received a fertility test since this but definitely considering it now. Either way, gays usually adopt anyway 🙂 —jacobskloob


Burnt my weiner on a banana peel —coolcarson99


Girl I knew had one of those voyeur websites where her whole house was cammed up and this was back in like 2005. I got drunk and horny and didn’t care about the cams in that moment. Then after I was like f—k, I hope none of those people know me. I stopped drinking over there after that. —ImStillaPrick


There was this one time where the vacuum cleaner looked real sexy…. —kanowins0023