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Mothers-In-Law Are Sharing Their Crazy Daughter-In-Law Stories (18 Stories)


“I’m gonna speak for my aunt: my cousin is a party guy. He married a party girl. I met her the day of my grandfather’s funeral. She was dressed like Betty Boop; too much makeup and balloon-sized fake t*ts in a sheer, black tube dress stretched too far for the imagination. She was sitting at my grandparents’ table as I walked bleary-eyed into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal; half-awake, I barely stopped myself from exclaiming “what the fuck!?” After the funeral, we held a sort of Irish wake at my uncle’s house, whereupon she tried to hook up with every male cousin, one-by-one asking them to do shots with her. I avoided her, so I was last. She got to me when I was having a beer in the driveway with two other cousins. One she’d already tried. She went to my more attractive cousin-in-law first. He shot her down with “The Mother. Of. My. Newborn. Child. Is. Inside.” (I like him) I’m less assertive, so I tried the “if you ignore bullies, they’ll get bored and leave you alone.” She tried grinding up and down my front. I ignored her and hoped she would leave me alone. She moved around to try slithering up and down my back. I pretended she wasn’t there. She slithered down my back one last time, and then-
She bit. my. ass. I hopped across the driveway doing the Goofy yell. I honestly don’t remember what happened after that. Somehow she left. I had a dental impression in purple bruise on my ass cheek the next morning. Let me remind you, this was my grandfather’s funeral. I’m told that the morning of their wedding, my aunt offered to pay for 100% of the wedding if he wanted to back out.” –RealNewsyMcNewsface


“How about a crazy daughter, son-in-law story? So I have one daughter who at 20 “came out” to me. As gay? No. As a polygamist. A pregnant one. Pregnant by a 40 year old dude with a wife and three grown kids. I was 44 at the time. Long story short, the original wife got sick of all the crazy and left. Now my daughter and the son in law are monogamous with five kids and I have a son-in-law who is 4 years younger than me.” –throwmebaby6754


“My sister experienced it when she lived with my SIL and brother.
SIL had a very particular way of doing things. So she told my sister to not do anything because SIL had an order. Dishes? Nope, leave it in the sink. Cleaning? Nope, you’re not doing it my way. So as my SIL said, my sister didn’t touch any cleaning. Then SIL got upset my sister didn’t clean. Made a power point presentation on everything my sister did wrong. These presentations would last a minimum of 20 minutes and up to an hour or so. My sister was confused because when she did help, she was told she was doing it wrong and SIL told her to stop. Now that she stopped, SIL is mad my sister isn’t helping.
My sister isn’t dirty by any means, she knows how to clean up. It just wasn’t being done the way SIL wanted it to be done. My sister had to sit through multiple presentations when she lived with them.” –SilhouetteCommenter


“I was the shitty DIL, we married young and she would try to help a little too much. I would feel suffocated with her and felt like she was judging everything I did. 4-5 years later I realized she was just trying what she thought was best for us and we now have the best relationship.” –fatbitcheslovecake


“For me, a MIL it’s kind of a reverse heartbreak because I loved my DIL and we got on very well. She’s from a semi-abusive background and at first had issues with drugs but dealt with that and became an excellent mother. Now they are separated, at her instigation, Son is devastated, and although I don’t believe in taking sides it’s hard to go past her decision to break up the family because that she has to ‘find herself’. I’m just not coping as we had been a very close extended family. Not a matter of abuse, addiction, cheating, or even close.” –auntynell


“My ex called my mom a Bitch for not cc’ing her when she was emailing me… this happened within days of my father dying and I was making all of the preparations and handing ins and bills and stuff. She was awful then.” –7fw


“My daughter-in-law is lovely. She’s a great addition to the family.” –tammigirl6767


“I’m apparently the crazy DIL. One of our kids asked to change pronouns and live as a girl which we fully supported. It wasn’t a surprise to us, we’ve seen it coming for a long time, and had gone so far as to let some family members know that it seemed like our child was on that path. Well my FIL told my husband that he thought I was forcing our child to do this because of, “how much I hate men,” at which point we decided that our children would no longer be going to their house unsupervised because we weren’t going to subject them to that attitude. And then covid hit which meant they couldn’t really see the kids at all anyway. MIL threw a fit about how unfair all of this was to her. They’ve both decided I hate them. I have very little sympathy for the corner they’ve backed themselves into. When they apologize and commit to supporting their granddaughter then we can talk about reforming a relationship.” –electrickumquat