Here Are People’s Most Embarrassing Stories Of Being Caught Enjoying “Adult Films”


Had a tablet I used for porn and other innocent things, but I thought it would be funny to go into my history and instead of deleting the porn as you typically do, I deleted everything but the porn hub searches, leaving a catalog, a list, a necronomicon of different video titles such as lesbian sex, not big boobs and so on. Eventually my parents looked through my tablet history and found all of what I collected over perhaps a year or so. Had a ‘talk’ later that day. —zedgeroni


Not me, but at my old job it was just me and my boss and for a week out of every month the job required us to go out of town. He’d always buy all my meals and pay for my own separate hotel room. He also was the sole driver of the truck as i didn’t have my cdl. Anyway he always played music from his phone and it was the first thing he’d set up before we started driving. So one day we got up in the morning and headed out to the truck where he plugged his phone in and immediately it started playing the video he must have been watching the night before. All i heard was moaning and demands to ‘f—k me harder daddy’ before he quickly shut it off and switched over to iTunes. Needless to say we drove in silence for the next couple hundred miles lol. —n0nf1cti0n


my mother walked in when i was 13 and i pressed the back page button to hide it but i was too obvious so she pressed back page again and it was more porn, my father then tried to give me the talk on our next fishing trip and i have never been fishing with him again. —insanity_of_cain


My friend had his in-laws and whole family in town and jerked off in the shower to porn but his phone was connected to the Bluetooth speaker downstairs… everyone heard the porn play throughout the whole house. —salesman_jordan


I was 8 years old and decided to look up naked girls on the computer I used. Which was my teenager brothers computer. Which he was given to him by his school. I forgot to close the tab afterwards so when my brother went to school the next morning he got a surprise. I got a lot of confrontation about it and got in a lot a trouble. I never touched that computer again. —nootnoot9001


oh god. we moved into a house that got barely-scrambled cable porn on channel like 1000 (with 900 dead channels in between). i discovered this when my parents asked me to set up the TV and i went through the tuner settings. keep in mind, i’m like 13. this is gold. i guard this secret for about two years. i was going to take this to my grave.

my brother and his friends came home early one night midst one of my living room wank sessions. in a panic, i changed the channel and turned the TV off, scrambling upstairs – but i was heard. my brother turns the TV on, and i guess it was shut down before it could retune. the moans of big-titty 90s pornstars copulating drifts up the stairs, followed by laughter. inside, i die.

PS: fun fact, the scrambled porn was a relic of when the house was a catholic convent. some dirty priest in a house full of nuns had been stroking the holy ghost to free Spice Channel. —UnluckyDrink


Gave a tub of used VHS kiddie tapes to Charles and Deborah. Brought them over before dinner. They popped a random one in the deck and we started eating. Little Tessa hollers out to us from the TV room—”Why are these people bouncing?” —server_busy


I didn’t know about search history or cookies or anything of the sort so my dad confronted me one day by opening our home page and clicked on the search bar to find “ANIME BOOBS” “MISTY FROM POKEMON HOT” “HOT GIRLS WITH NO BRA” etc. I was only 10ish at the time but I was very embarrassed. —MohaveMoProblems


This isn’t me, but it’s too funny not to tell, and i’m lucky I never got busted for it. Me and my friend David were in middle school. He slept over one night, we played video games, drank a ton of Sprite, and went to bed on opposite ends of this big wraparound couch we had in my parents’ basement.

I woke up randomly at like 2am, David isn’t there. Checked the nearest bathroom, wasn’t there either. I was thinking maybe he got sick or something and his mom picked him up. I ended up seeing him in “the computer room” (a thing many homes had back in the day,) jacking off to cartoon porn. Not like hentai, it was like western cartoon characters i’d never seen before. His back was to me, so he had no clue I was there.

I never honestly thought about it much, I was just worried my dad would see the search history and i’d get in trouble. I’m into some weird shit myself, and knew about it really early on. It just pissed me off that he would do that on the one computer in the house and risk me getting busted for it. —Hardcore_EHS


Not my story but it’s a friends. He wasn’t caught watching porn but more so got caught from the aftermath. We were on the baseball team in high school and we always practiced around 3 hours straight right after school. He drove home after practice and nobody was home so he decided to beat his meat before taking a nap. He took al his clothes off and got in his recliner in his room and went to town. Right before climax, he said f*ck it and nutted on his chest because he was so tired he just didn’t give a damn. He says that was the last thing he remembered as he instantly fell asleep, dick in hand. He woke up a few hours later and magically a blanket was covering up his whole body. It didn’t hit him until he realized there was still dried up splooge on his chest that someone came and covered him up during his sleep. He said his parents never said anything about it to him but his mom hardly spoke to him for about a week. —Hicks2498