Here Are People’s Most Embarrassing Stories Of Being Caught Enjoying “Adult Films”


Your Dad sees “Hilary Swank Nude scenes” in your search history the day after seeing million dollar baby. —politicsperson


Was watching in my room late at night with the lights off. My screen was facing my bedroom door. My older sister somehow managed to crack open my bedroom door and was peeking through to see what I was doing. I noticed her, tensed up and tried to close the window but my laptop froze. I didn’t think to just close it so I sat there trying to click the window off. My sister saw her younger sister watching gay porn because she was being nosey. —WhyY_196


This is actually my friend’s story. Let’s call him Pete for the sake of things. Pete’s parents were fairly religious. Not super strict but enough that they’d put a password block on any adult websites. As a teenage boy going through puberty, Pete was getting sick of using his imagination but told me he was too afraid to hide a magazine or anything like that because he felt like his parents would somehow find out. He told a group of us at school that it sucked he couldn’t access porn sites so our friend Joe said “I’ll burn you a DVD man, just keep it hidden in a book of CDs and write some random band name on it.”

This was 2002 so having a big book of CDs/DVDs was still very common. The next day, Joe gave him a DVD of some porno on an unmarked disc and Pete was happy to finally have something he could watch. Well, about two weeks later, Pete called my house and said he’d been grounded for the rest of the month. I asked why and he said his parents found the DVD. Now initially, I thought his parents had nosed through his stuff and found the disc that way but no, this one was on him.

Apparently Pete forgot to take the DVD back out of the living room player when he was uh, done using it. When his parents went to watch a movie and turned on the player, the porno’s menu booted up. He told me he still remembers how disappointed his mom and dad looked when they called him into the room and how he cringed through their entire lecture about the evils of pornography and how god would be ashamed of him.

Pete and I went to seperate colleges but I’m sure unfiltered internet access was a revelation for him. —apocalypticradish


I think I was 17 at the time, I was in my room and tried casting my porn to my TV. Accidentally cast it to my dads TV in his bedroom and he was in there, so I turned it off quickly then walked up to play it off like it was a joke but I’m pretty sure he was already tugging it before I even walked up there. Oh what irony, lol. —northernsticks_boy


Not me, but in college, I used to be part of a Christian fellowship. We had worship nights once a week, and I was in part of the music team. We were using one of the guys’ iPhone to play background music while our director was talking about the Gospel. When I hit play on the home screen (the phone was locked), it started playing bunch of sex noises.

Turns out the owner of the iPhone was watching porn and didn’t close out of Safari/Chrome, and he thought the music playlist was ready to go for the evening. —TuxedoCatSupremacist


When I was in middle school, my family had dial-up internet; it was awful, it was slow, and it disconnected all the time. So when we did manage to get something downloaded, my brother and I would take shifts in the bedroom with one watching the porn and the other in the living room keeping an eye out for our parents (who were asleep upstairs), with some not-obvious-at-all stomps and knocks on the floor as the alarm system. When you got something downloaded on that screechy clusterf*ck of a connection, you savored it for the rest of the night before you deleted it to avoid detection.

We were stringently careful about deleting the search history and erasing all traces of our XXXcapades, and we never even came close to getting caught… until we did. One night, after a late night spankfest, I went through and deleted all the files and erased the search history and covered our tracks, and right after I finished the computer froze up. Now I’m not an IT guy, I’m not sure what happened, but I just manually turned the computer off doing a hard shutdown and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and started getting ready for school, a completely routine morning until I looked at the computer and noticed it was turned on. And my blood ran cold as I saw the screensaver scrolling across the monitor…

“Boys, you’re in big trouble when I get home. You’re banned from the internet for two weeks.”

I don’t know how, but it didn’t save the deletions that I had painstakingly done the night before, I can only assume because the computer locked up before it saved the changes, I don’t know. And it just so happened to be that morning that our mom picked to check the history on the computer. F*CKIN’ BUSTED. And the most embarrassing thing was, that wasn’t even the most embarrassing part of the whole outcome… —Lazeeboy2003

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