Hotel Employees Are Revealing The Worst Things They’ve Ever Witnessed On The Job

Being a hotel employee has its ups and its downs. For one, you can usually get a discount when needing to stay somewhere—especially if you work for that particular chain/company of hotels. But, while the discounts may seem great, the fact that you have to “serve” other people while they’re on their own vacations can often times outway the good. Many times, people who go away do some nasty, good-for-nothing, gross sh*t, thinking they have every right to do so because “they’re relaxing.” Just…no. BuzzFeed asked hotel employees to share the worst things they’ve ever witnessed while working and, I’m never going to a hotel and not tipping every again.


We had several conference groups (church groups I should add) who would stay for a week or long weekend. One group had an individual with them for multiple years in a row who we dubbed the “unapooper”. The Unapooper would pick a room in the dead of night and drop a giant poo on the doormat. He (or she) did this several times during the week that the group was there. The Unapooper was never found and possibly remains at large.



We host annual cheerleading competitions that are held in January. One snowy cheer weekend, the cheer moms decided let their children run amuck, while the get hammered in the lobby. I was helping a S.A clean tables after we had to escort a few drunk moms to their rooms, and found a trail of beer cups full of vomit through out the lobby.



I used to work in a fairly upmarket hotel and once a year a large group of males would book out the entire hotel. They would have a silver service meal and book every room in the hotel and invite as many women as the could find.

During the meal they would “speed date” and then following the meal would all choose one woman to accompany them to their room.

This was the only night of my entire time working at this hotel we would finish at 11pm (as opposed to finishing whenever the last guest left the bar area) as they would spend the entire night swapping the women between their hotel rooms…

I can’t cast aspersions as to what was occurring during their stay, but housekeeping had plenty to say about the going’s on of this ‘tour’



I used to work in a hotel and there were a lot of bookings over Valentine’s Day. The maids didn’t clean the sheets the next day. They just made the bed and tidied up a bit. Never booking a hotel from that chain ever.



Not me, but my bf did some work at a hotel refurb. The manager’s office was right underneath the hot tub. He confessed to my bf that he’d hear people getting it on in the hot tub late at night and would masturbate to it.

When my bf left, the manager said my bf would get a discount if he ever wanted to stay there and bring me along. We’ve never taken him up on the offer!



We had the same guy come in and book one of the larger, nicer suites every month. He’d bring in cameras and a string of different women. For a while we thought he was having multiple affairs but over time, pretty much everyone was convinced he was shooting porn. It’s pretty hard to prove that though so it took months for the managers to sufficiently prove it, but they did and yup, the guy was shooting porn in our pretty upmarket nice family hotel.



We couldn’t seem to get hold of a couple who were overdue for checkout. Turns out they snuck out of the hotel so we broke into the room to find used crotch less panties, cigarettes, dirty tissues all over the floor, broken plates, food smeared on the walls and I do not want to say what I saw in the bathroom. They called to complain that we overcharged them the next day too.



Work experience in a hotel- first they would wash the cups/mugs provided in the room in the bathroom and then proceed to use the pillowcases which were just taken off the bed (used and dirty asf) to dry up the mugs and put back for the next guests to use. Vile.



I’m pretty sure my boss covered up a murder. It was my day off and the girl on duty came and got me. She was shook up. My family and I lived on the premises. I was head housekeeper and my husband was maintenance and cook for an attached restaurant. She told me the room had a lot of blood and she was told to clean it and be quiet and NOT to get me, but she couldn’t do it. Man, she wasn’t kidding. The mattress was soaked through with blood. There was a trail to the bathroom and both the sink and shower were covered in blood. NOT kidding people. We called our local sheriff and he and our boss both told us to FLIP the mattress!! Not only was that a no, but when we suggested we call the county cops, we were both told to go home. Immediately. We tried getting the records of who rented the room, but they ended up being missing. I ended up calling the cops myself and my boss managed to talk his way out of not even showing them the room. The next day, my whole family was kicked out and of course we were fired. I always wondered what happened there and who it happened to. I of course can’t name it, but it’s a small town, about 17 miles up from Alamogordo, NM, up in the mountains and it starts with a C. The place used to have a tree for a first name and a flower for the last. I will say out loud that Carlos and Jean – you guys are dirty, awful people!!!! Anything and everything happens in motels! Be careful!!!!



I used to be a housekeeper at a relatively decent hotel. I have seen many disturbing things working there. For one, I walked into a room and started removing the blankets and there was lots of blood and what looked like some kind of membrane. I was horrified, but it got worse. I went to get the garbage from the bathroom and it was tied shut and completely filled with (what I’m assuming was) blood and possibly other external things…went to the manager and explained it. She was unfazed and no one called the police. I think someone had a baby and didnt wany anyone to know. It had happened before at the same hotel chain.



The hotel owner was an alcoholic and used to be banned during the evening service…one day he sneaked in and practically drank the bar dry and passed out on the floor between the kitchen and restaurant lying in his own vomit and urine. We had to step over him to serve the food! It was so disgusting and the poor customers had no idea and wondered why we were practically green coming to serve them!



A colleague told me about a couple who booked out a room and later had a male friend join them overnight in a double room. The next day, when they went in to clean, they found blood stains and faeces all over the bed, all up the walls and splattered on the ceiling. We’ve no idea if they had an amazing night or a horrific night!



Working as a housekeeper in a 14th century castle in Scotland, used a as wedding venue.
Cleaning a room and in a drawer, we found a bag of poo, like a proper log in a clear freezer bag?!
After nearly spewing and throwing it in the rubbish, I told the chef. He informed me people use frozen poo to stick up their arses as a sex aid, and it’s used to aid orgasm.
Iglooing is a term I’ve never forgotten…and never will.



While i was doing my intership, i was helping cleaning a room in which the dude bathe himself in Olive Oil, and slept with oil and some other product in his hair. We had to clean each day the entire jacuzzi covered in olive oil while picking up condoms scattered around the room.



We have these two gorgeous ponds around thw back of the hotel. While I was working there one summer, we had a family of ducks. Two of the baby ducks ended up dying, either from natural causes, or I think one got caught in the filtration system. We were only notified when screaming children found them…I really feel bad for whoever had to meet the poor family that saw it.



I was working an overnight shift. A man had checked into our extended stay hotel for two weeks. He went out one night and two good samaritans brought him back when he had too much to drink. They took him up to his room and one of the guys came back down twenty minutes later carrying a long, slender bag. It was a hunting rifle. The drunk guy had stomach cancer and had planned on killing himself at the end of his stay with us. I had to call the police and he was taken on a 51-50. He came back a few days later to collect his things. That was one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen. I still think about him from time to time. I hope he’s found peace.

Arya Snark


We had a guest come in to check in (I was new to the hotel at the time) and one of my coworkers recognized them and said she needed to see me in the back. To preface we worked at a really nice hotel not a dive. She then went on to explain that they were amateur porn actors (she recognized them from a previous stay) and that the last time they were here they left literal shit, excrement, all over the hotel room. We called the GM to explain that they were back and he said we needed to be able to hold $500 on their card in order for them to rent the room. Their card declined the hold and we explained to them that it is our standard policy to hold that amount. They asked for us to make an exception but there was no chance in hell that was happening so after some back and forth they finally gave up and left.



The worst thing I saw was going into a practically pristine room and seeing a bunch of dildos lined up, along with a set of restraint, a neatly packed box of condoms, and a set of lingerie all arranged on the bed. The guy rushed out if the bathroom saying he forgot to put the do not disturb sign on his door. I got a $20 tip to keep it from my manager.



We got a call stating that there was a couple screaming very loudly. We called the police and went up to the room. When the guy opened the door, he was covered in blood. Turns out this guy was with his girlfriend and a hooker. He got mad that his girlfriend refused to have a threesome with him and the hooker so he punched a hole through the door of the microwave, shredding his hand in the process. He must have been waving his hand around like a mad man because it looked like a murder had taken place, there was blood on every surface. We kicked him out, cleaned up the room, and sold it to a nice family that night who had no idea what had happened in there room not even 24hrs earlier.



We had a family staying in a room meant to sleep 4 people but turned out they had 7 people staying in the room. When my manager and I went up to address it with them(big safety issue) we could smell this very foul odor coming from the room. We assumed it was from having too many people in such a small space. Next day while the guests were gone, the housekeeper came down to the desk yelling about how she wasn’t going to clean the room and when we went up to investigate we found multiple dead birds in the bathroom sink with all kinds of other weird charms and books on the counter. Their explanation was that it was religious. Seems like they were doing some sort of ritual with the birds as the sacrifice. So gross!



At the hotel I used to work at, I was walking through the lobby until an older man saw me and started making small talk. I was humoring him and kinda just going along with what he was saying, then he tells me “I’m Charlie Brown!” I’m like “excuse me?” And he clarifies that he used to be the voice actor for Charlie Brown. He then shows me a lanyard he’s wearing around his neck with a picture of him and a guy in a Charlie Brown suit. I have no idea if he’s telling the truth or not, but I go along with it and say “It’s so nice to meet one of my childhood icons!” He then says I’m so nice and asks if he can give me a hug, to which I say yes, albeit feeling awkward about it. Once the woman at the front desk finishes checking him in, he takes out one of his room keys, hands it to me and says “I’m staying in room 200, come up and have sex with me.” I just awkwardly walk away, but the front desk woman immediately went to the back and told the managers that she needed to deny service to a guest. He got the hint and left without a word. Later, we looked him up, and he was in fact the voice actor for Charlie Brown in the Christmas and Halloween specials. Needless to say, I don’t like Charlie Brown anymore.



I was working at a hotel as a night auditor; overnight shift. While at the front desk I was sitting down around 2am and a woman came to the front desk to ask for something. I didn’t stand up so the desk covered her up from the shoulders down. To this day I don’t remember what it was she asked about because after she started to walk away I stood up and noticed she was COMPLETELY BUTT NAKED. 60 year old woman, naked, middle of the night. Yeah…. that’s working at a hotel.


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