17 Tweets You’ll Only Relate To If You Fully Binged Netflix’s ‘Instant Hotel’

If you’ve watched the glory that is Netflix‘s Australian reality TV show Instant Hotel, then you already KNOW how good it is. Filled with drama, petty fights, and Australians, it’s truly the competition show of the moment. (If you haven’t watched it, then believe me when I say it’s the greatest reality TV show you’ve never seen.) 

You also have gone through the same series of thoughts emotions as the rest of us Instant Hotel bingers. Like how much Shay/Mikey and Serena/Sturt suck. How often Leroy talks about his interior design background. How delicious all the petty shade is. Also, WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS STURT?? Here are 17 tweets from people who have went through it all alongside you.

1. On Australian shade:

2. On Mark & Janine:

3. On pettiness:

4. On Leroy:

5. And again:

6. On Juliet Ashworth:

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7. On the unbelievable drama:

8. On this incredible staring contest:

9. On Shay:

10. On Brent and Leroy:

11. On this wild diss:

12. On…Sturt. STURT:

13. On little sense the points system makes:

14. Seriously!!!

15. On Mikey’s mom’s house:

16. On how bad Serena sucks:

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17. And finally, on Stumpy the limbless crocodile: