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Guys Are Sharing What Surprised Them About Seeing A Naked Woman For The First Time (15 Stories)

If you’re a straight, teenage boy, there’s a lot of hype surrounding what a woman looks like naked. And when you finally do behold the glory that is the female form, there can be a lot of surprises.

On Reddit, guys are sharing what they were shocked about the first time they saw a naked woman.

Let’s just say, there’s a lot of confusion about where the vagina is located—and a lot of thoughts about breasts. A lot.

1. Boobs Are Not Aerodynamic

“Boobs are very non aerodynamic.” — EthanWaberx

2. Surprise!

“I was surprised I didn’t c*m instantly.” — drunkruss

3. Where Is The Vagina?

“I was surprised by how low the vagina is, when compared to the placement of penises for men. Like, penises are in front of guys, but vagina was wayyyy lower than that.” — Ashamed-Respond-6847

4. Vaginas Don’t Look Like That

“Before I saw one I knew the vagina was a hole of some sort based off of what other kids talked about and I assumed the vagina looked like an actual circle.” — G07V3

5. Hold It In

“The very first time I saw a woman naked, in person, was surprised at how fast I nutted. I swear the character Jim from American Pie was the story of my awkward teenage life.” — magicmeatwagon

6. She Let You

“That she let me see her naked.” — SomeDumbOne

7. Smells

“Smells, it’s not something anyone talks about when you have sex for the first time.” — Luka_Dunks_on_Bums

8. Pubic Hair

“Pubic hair. It was the early 80s, so there was lots of it.” — PoorSleeper57

9. The Glory Of Breasts

“Boobs being so much more glorious than I had dreamed.” — JKnott1

10. The Diversity Of Vaginas

“My penis is very similar to the ones they show in anatomy books, so I assumed vaginas would be the same. Boy was I wrong. They are all unique to the person, some girls have a lip longer or different shaped than the other and 90% of them are most certainly not symmetrical. Just about all vaginas are in the same spot, but the angle at which the vaginal cavity comes in to the body is different on all girls, some girls are very straight 90 degrees into the body some lean as far as 45 degrees. Some even have some curvature in their vaginal cavity as well. I think the most shocking part however was that I realized women grow hair in the same spots as men its just mostly very light in color and thickness. Girls grow hair on their chest their stomach their butt, their back, all the same as guys it just is nearly impossible to see.” — BlackWyvern162

11. Sexy Lower Back

“How sexy the dip in the lower back is before it curves back up for her ass. Especially when laying facedown.” — Tonza443

12. Bras

“Boobs don’t look like bra shapes. At that point in life all I’d ever seen was padded bra + the customary 2-3 layers of shirt, spaghetti top, other top. It was all different sizes of the same padded bra cup shape.” — AndrewIsOnline

13. Problems

“I was surprised that I wasn’t as excited as I would just like when I’m watching porn and that’s when I knew I had serious issues to deal with.” — Practical-Piglet-740

14. You Are Beautiful!

“How absolutely beautiful they are. No matter the shape and size everything is perfect and beautiful.” — Sweet-Community4945

15. Breasts Are Heavy

“It’s not about looks, but boobs are far heavier than one would expect. I was like, ‘damn, her back must be sore 24/7.'” — Freevoulous