People On Reddit Share The Most Passive-Aggressive Gifts They’ve Given Or Received

Not everyone we feel obligated to get gifts for during the holidays is someone we like. It’s a sad fact, but most extended families include at least one jerk who doesn’t deserve anything in their stocking. It’s also a sad fact that you’ll probably still end up getting something for them because otherwise, YOU look like the jerk. On r/AskReddit, someone with the handle u/factorygrl asked for some options for what to give her future mother-in-law, writing, “What are good passive-aggressive Xmas gifts to get for someone who has obvious beef with you?”

And people really came through with petty, passive-aggressive gift ideas.

passive aggressive gifts

It’s like a shopping list for everyone marked “naughty” by Santa. In a comment, the OP clarified her MIL “hates me for existing since before ever meeting me,” and to be honest, I can kinda see why with this Reddit post. Giving someone a nasty gift won’t build any relationship bridges. But considering how many people had ideas, I guess it’s something a lot of folks do! Or have at least thought about. Scroll through for options, if you want to be a real Grinch:


Gift card with a very low amount to an extremely expensive store (like Saks Fifth Ave). Maybe $5 worth. —llcucf80


One year, my sister gave our step mother a self-help book about basically how to stop being an a-hole. She opened it, read the title and said bitterly “I don’t need this”, handed it to my sister and it was never spoken of again.

We thought it was hilarious though! Stepmom never did figure it out, though… *sigh* —Azure_Edge_86


A puzzle but you open it first and remove a piece then glue the box back together —Wndrwmn8901


On the “beef” theme, Tillamook is a ranch with milk cows. You can sponsor and name a cow for pretty cheap. Name one after her. —Artemiseus


We got one of those Cow/Goat/Sheep donation gifts like 10 years ago.. We never got another one or ever contacted the charity ourselves. The charity still sends us donation requests and catalogs. Do not only is it useless, it comes with never ending spam! —fact_addict


depends on who you have a beef with. but deodorant is the way. —ktool69


Haribo sugar free gummy bears. It has a rep for having a laxative effect on people who eat it. For the unsuspecting it will be very surprising. —Qkddxksthsuseks


Not a gift but every year for the last ten or more maybe- I have wrapped gifts to my mother and sister in paper that says Ho all over it, I buy ho ho ho paper when I see it and they have never picked up on it. Stupid I know but I get a secret giggle by secretly calling them a ho —twistedsister78


T-shirt, jersey, tickets to the game — of whatever team they hate.

And then tout the sh*t of how much they’re the team you both love. —Senator_Chickpea


I don’t know if this is a passive aggressive gift… But my grandmother once got a family friend a mirror for Christmas. When he opened it up and looked puzzled, she said “It’s so you can see how ugly you are.” She was dead serious. —zinn7