22 Terrible Bosses Who Got Publicly Shamed For Being Jerks

Working for anyone means having to check your ego and pull your weight but there are reasonable bosses and unreasonable bosses…and then there are straight-up terrible bosses.

Bad bosses come in many forms: there are egomaniac bosses and sadist bosses, tyrannical bosses and petty bosses and we’ve all dealt with at least one.

Life doesn’t have to be this hard but these unbalanced individuals insist on ensuring that it is.

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While the best revenge is quitting promptly and living well the next best thing is anonymously shaming your nightmare boss on the internet so here are a few examples of these copy room cretins getting called out for their antics. 

1. This pizza party ruiner

Our boss doesn’t let us take any home! from r/mildlyinfuriating

2. This trashy boss

This was the state my boss left the company van in, I had to clean it all. from r/mildlyinfuriating

3. This penny pinching psycho


4. This boss who got gloriously dicked over

So My Boss Calls Me To A Meeting On My Day Off, Then Asks Me to Arrange The Meeting Room

5. This cake boss

The way my boss cut this cake. Not gonna lie the pieces were even af though. from r/mildlyinfuriating

6. This load-bearing column ignorer

This structural pole my boss refuses to fix from r/WTF

7. This vacation tyrant

8. This bad snacker

So I bring a pecan pie to work. By noon it was missing. Found it a few hours later in my boss’s office. from r/funny


9. This corpse keeper

My boss has a chest of random items that she likes. She told me on my first day to “look in the chest when you’re ready.” from r/WTF


10. This peeping tom