People Are Confessing The Parts Of Their Personalities They Fake (25 Stories)

You know the phrase, “fake it til you make it?” On some level, we all pretend to be capable adults when we are truly just gripping the dinky raft rolling on the indifferent sea called life. We present a version of our personality to the world that exists somewhere in between authenticity and bald-faced lie. We do it to survive. We do it to look better. And, sometimes, we do it because it’s fun.

Now, Reddit users are confessing what part of their personality they fake. Posted by u/violin557, already over 160k users have commented.

It seems like people are just itching to reveal the ways they bury their true personalities underneath a mountain of lies.


“I’ve got an entire customer service personality that’s fake.” — sleepyhollow_101


“I am one of the most shy people you will ever meet. I switched grocery stores because the cashiers started to recognize me and wanted to chit-chat. I didn’t make 1 friend in college because I kept to myself. However, I am very successful at work because I know that if I don’t put myself out there and act confident, I won’t advance.” — ObsidianBlackbird666


“Politeness. I’m not an a—hole, but sometimes I really hate the pleasantries that are expected on a daily basis, specifically the work place.” — nicki1way


“Being outgoing. No, I don’t want to go out and socialize. Yes, I will anyways.” — Blake88fair


“I don’t know what parts are real and what parts are fake anymore and that worries me.” — Herogamer555


“Being pleasant. Life has made me a bitter a—hole and I have to force myself to be nice. On the inside I usually want to scream at most people to f—k off.” — pm__me__yiff


“Interest. A lot of the time when it seems like I’m listening and interested in what you’re saying I’m not. A lot of the time I really don’t give a fuck.” —DunnoHowToSayThisBut


“Being ambitious. Yes, i do want to be promoted. Also, what’s the bare minimum i have to do to achieve that?” — jb011191


“I have a really good memory, but I hold back a lot on it because it can weird people out when you remember random things that happened months or years ago.” — -eDgAR-


“I fake apathy a lot for no apparent reason.” — DolphinatlyNotPhil


“My happiness. Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.” — JustCallMeGhost98


“My dad likes to think he’s really smart so when I’m around him I act clueless so he can ‘teach’ me something and be happy.” — RedSmith305


“Being interested in babies. I really don’t care about your kid, I just know it’s social suicide to say so.” — ausgekugelt


“I fake being nice to people I really dislike. Even if I really don’t like them, to their face I will never show it and I always try to be cordial and friendly.” — WhichBag


“I always act really humble but in reality I’m an ego maniac.” — Rocksaltz-wid-a-z


“I pretend to be chill, oh boy I’m far away from that.” — PM_ME_FEIJOADA


“Being cheerful in a social situation that I absolutely don’t want to be in.” — kknl44


“Toughness. I’m actually very sensitive and easily affected.” — lauratheexplorer99


“The functional part. I’m actually a walking disaster.” — thegreatone79


“I pretend I’m clueless a lot. It could be about work, or even just about something in life. You learn a lot about the person if you act clueless in something you’re quite familiar with and they’re trying to BS you with what they ‘know’ very little about.” — therobino


“Most of it tbh! I grew up in an emotionally toxic home and I learned to pickup on people’s moods as a defense mechanism. Now that I am an adult I use it somewhat to my advantage and can adapt my personality to basically get along with everyone.” — Hdisknddmdmn


“Impartiality. Some of my friends go to me for advice thinking I’m this calm, collected, wise, third party advisor. Admittedly as much as I want to help them, I have my own biases and terrible advice to give.” — BnElmo


“I fake being nice to people I really dislike. Even if I really don’t like them, to their face I will never show it and I always try to be cordial and friendly.” — WhichBag


“I’m a lot more judgmental than I let on.” — DevilsRejectAFC


“My cheery attitude around people. By default I am very bland and depressed.” — xXReverbXx

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