27 Parents Who Got Publicly Shamed For Being Total Jerks

To state the obvious: Parenting is hard. Kids are messy, unreasonable, and have partially-formed brains. Taking care of them requires patience, intelligence, and determination. Of course, thanks to the miracle of reproduction some people possess none of these qualities but have kids anyway. And the rest of us have to suffer for it. Here are a few examples of some terrible parents and the public shaming they both received and richly deserved.

1. This unwanted dinner and a movie


2. This front-row diva


3. This bear-confiscator 

Parent made her party guests give up their bears to her daughter from trashy

4. This very long flight


5. This quick and dirty diaper changer

“Taking a picture of me???” – Woman changing her baby’s dirty diaper on top of an Old Navy clothing display from r/trashy

6. This dickish sticker

Don’t use your kid’s mental illness to be an asshole from trashy

7. These play area seat hogs


8. This public pooper

And the asshole of the day award goes to the parent who left two LOADED diapers nestled in the rocks along the Barton Springs spillway only about 20 feet from a trash bin. from Austin

9. This balloon bringer


10. This kid who was not in the upright and locked position 

Spotted this kid next to me jumping and climbing on his seat while the plane was landing. Parents pls from trashy

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