27 Parents Who Got Publicly Shamed For Being Total Jerks

11.This parent who shouldn’t be a parent

Somebody posted this on a different sub, but I think it belongs here. from trashy

12. These movie theater miscreants


13. This scene stealer


14. This yoghurt nibbler, or parent of a yoghurt nibbler


15. This fast and furious fecal flinger

Guy changes the diaper of his kid and leaves the waste behind. from trashy

16. This retail mayhem


17. And this even more extensive retail mayhem

Parents letting their kids play with the toys at Goodwill and just leaving it. from trashy

18. This virtual reality enthusiast


19. This germ-sharer

Someone took their measles-infected kid to the play area at Ikea. from trashy

20. This dookie bag…

Leaving dirty diapers at your table after leaving a restaurant is pretty trashy from trashy

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