27 Parents Who Got Publicly Shamed For Being Total Jerks

21. These car-ruiners

Dealership I work at gives out loaner vehicles while we get theirs repaired. One we just got back. from trashy

22. These baby-ditching mall rats

Leaving your baby in the middle of the entrance (the parents were nowhere to be seen..) from trashy

23. This appetite destroyer

This mother… from trashy

24. This sh*tty shoe

Putting a used diaper in a child’s shoe is the hot new thing in my parents hometown. from trashy

25. These parents who made the librarian cry

Parents who raise their kids saying it’s okay to leave a library like this. from mildlyinfuriating

26. This dad who pretty much socks

Trashy Dad, letting baby drop food on the train floor, then stepping on it himself in his socks. Witnessed near Birmingham (UK) from trashy

27. And this absolute monster

More parenting fails:

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