33 Parents Who Are Either The Funniest Or The Unfunniest Parents In The World

One of the greatest joys of becoming a parent is no longer making jokes to gain the approval of others.

Once you have kids, you are only trying to entertain yourself. If someone else happens to get a laugh, great.

Social media has given parents a whole new medium on which to roast their kids, and with kids desperately trying to carve out their niche in this world via Instagram/Facebook/Twitter for millions to see, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

1. Rookie move not hiding your posts from your dad.

2. She brought you into this world, and she can knock you out of it.

3. This is the face of a young woman who is counting the days until she moves out.

4. And this is the face of a former champion swimmer, apparently. 

5. Using swimming goggles to cut onions. Smart mom or terrible superhero?

6. A family who eats together, stays together. Then dad brought his selfie stick to a restaurant and everyone drifted apart.

7. An important clarification. 

8. A dad who went the extra mile to prove his daughter looks like him.

9. And this dad who went the extra mile to look like his daughter. I love a good troll but this was upsetting.

10. If she’s anything like my mom she wasn’t even trying to be funny. This is just a straight up “fuck you.”

11. Sometimes dad jokes land.

12. But most of the time not so much.

13. Was pretty sure this was unintentional until I looked at her face.

14. Imagine being called out like this and then having to sit down to dinner with your family. 

15. The look of betrayal. 

More in funny parents:

16. With extra cheese 🙄

17. Parents repainted their house except for their son’s room. I’m guessing he didn’t help.

18. You know this was the dad’s idea.

19. They nailed this. (that’s what she said)

20. How considerate? 

21. This dad created his own letterhead just to drag his son. Go hard or not at all. 

22. Was thinking about masturbating after I finish this post but now I’m not in the mood. 

23. Dad noticed some similarities. Like, don’t press the soft spot.


25. “Wearing”

26. Spending all day with the baby can be dull. You gotta make your own fun. Vin Deisel looks great btw.

27. She has a way with words. 

28. RIP Travis.

29. When your son jokingly says he wants a “urinal cake” for his birthday.

30. I’m not even mad at this. This is spectacular. 

31. Puns aren’t just for dads.

32. She tried to fix it, but it was too late.

33. When your dad figures out Snapchat.