20 Hilarious Texts From Clueless Baby Boomer Parents To Their Millennial Children

Parents are good at a lot of things, like providing advice based on their many years of wisdom or passing on family recipes.

But, if there’s one universal truth among families everywhere, it’s that parents will embarrass their kids. It simply comes with the territory.

As parents get older, they become more and more out of touch with the rest of the world. That’s never more evident than when trying to use text their kids. After all, texting technology advances at such a fast pace it’s hard for anyone to keep up, let alone parents who grew up in an era without the internet.

Sometimes parents have a hard time texting, and that’s ok.

Parents are just from a different generation. Sometimes they need to be taught how to use texting lingo, or what an emoji is, or that they’re not supposed to reveal devastating news via text. Millennials are commiserating over their parents’ lack of technological know-how with #TextsFromMyParents.

Some of the results are cute, while others are pretty cringeworthy. But, across the board, one thing is clear: Parents are very confused about how to properly use their phones. In fact, it seems like the Baby Boomer generation is confused about a lot of things. But, at least texts from parents are funny!

1. A lot of parents need help from their kids to understand what the internet even is.

2. Or if they do understand the internet, they might be overly cautious about using it.

3. In fact, some parents just stay away from texting altogether.

4. But those who do text want to use their phones to reach the A-list of celebrities.

5. Or they just use their phones to announce some sad news.

6. Lots of sad news.

7. And that sad news gets even sadder when parents don’t understand how to properly use texting acronyms.

8. In fact, a lot of parents haven’t quite grasped texting lingo, and it can lead to a lot of confusing conversations.


9. Other parents just use texting to nag their kids about their fashion choices.

10. Or they nag them about their lack of fashion choices.

11. Some parents take internet stalking to a new level and use it as another opportunity to police their kids.

12. Of course, all that stalking and nagging might get some parents banned from access to their kids.


13. Sometimes parents just don’t realize exactly how phones work.


14. It can be hard for parents to remember that you need a phone to be able to text back and forth.


15. In fact, sometimes parents think you can magically see a text even if you don’t have a phone.