Is It Just Me Or Do Baby Boomers Text Like Drunk Millennials? (19 Texts)

We’ve grown so accustomed to today’s technology that it’s easy to forget how much older generations tend to struggle with even the seemingly easiest forms of digital communication. Anyone who’s ever given their parent or grandparent an iPhone knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Texting with a baby boomer is like texting with your friend who’s been day drinking since noon—nearly impossible to understand, but hopelessly hilarious. These are just a few conversations that could easily be your grandmother or your drunk ass on a Saturday night, we don’t judge.

1. This person struggling to put a real word together:

Simple but classic from oldpeoplefacebook

2. And this attempt at English:

Thanks from oldpeoplefacebook

3. That drunk friend who likes to yell in all caps:

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4. When the party gets way out of control:

I don’t know Grandma ☹️ from oldpeoplefacebook

5. When you discover new emojis:

"New faces on my phone" my mom is late to the emoji game from oldpeoplefacebook

6. Sending your genius drunken ideas to your best friend:

My Dad’s Business Idea from oldpeoplefacebook

7. When you’ve had a vision:

Woke up this morning with a text from Grandma from oldpeoplefacebook

8. Instant regret after texting your ex:

Thanks, Dad… from oldpeoplefacebook

9. Sometimes you just need to have a conversation with yourself:

My mom replied to her own text from oldpeoplefacebook

10. When you’re day drinking and decide to run errands:

fro bubger king from oldpeoplefacebook