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People Reveal The Pettiest Thing Their Exes Have Ever Done (29 Stories)

Why handle a break-up with poise and maturity when you can handle it with petty revenge?

Here are some of the best responses people had when asked: What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done to an ex?



My ex-husband gave me back my KitchenAid mixer but kept all the attachments.


Stole and used checks on my name,
sold my TV via facebook- all while i was moving out.

But her grand finale must be waiting for me outside my doorstep, on my birthday, with a wrapped dildo in her hand.

Two years after we broke up!

While i was living with my new girlfriend!


About a month after I moved out of my exs place he told me to come pick up some mail. As I was leaving work I told him I’d be there in 15 minutes, and he said he’d be home.

I texted him that I’d arrived and after a few minutes knocked on the door to be let in by the roommate who directed me to the back room. I walk in to him fucking a stripper he’d recently made his girlfriend, bent over a desk I’d built him. I waited for them to dress so he could give me my mail, because he wouldnt just tell me where to find it. As soon as he handed it to me I began to walk out, and he persued me saying things like “hey don’t you wanna talk?” And “come back! How have you been?”. I just said “youre disgusting” and got in my car.

Four months to the day of our breakup, he married the stripper, and is currently in the process of getting divorced. That relationship was a mistake, for sure.



After I broke up with my first high school boyfriend, he left messages on my desk with misspelled words and incorrect grammar, knowing how irritated I would be, as it was (and still is) one of my biggest pet peeves.


Moved out while I was at work one day. Took my cat, and had him put to sleep. It was petty to her.


My ex changed the passwords to my Snapchat, ruined my Bitmoji, and proceeded to block every guy on my account.”


We’d celebrated Christmas together, and all of my Christmas decorations were at his place. When we broke up, he refused to return my Christmas stuff. They weren’t worth money, though some were 50 or more years old (they’d been my grandparents), and a lot of them were personalized. There was no reason for him to keep them other than to be a dick. A decade later, I’m still mad about this.


The day I left my ex boyfriend I spent 4 hours in the woods looking for my truck keys because he had thrown my keys away in the woods behind our apartment in a feeble effort to stop me from walking out.


“My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend cut open an oversized panda bear he had gotten her, took out all the stuffing, and wore the skin of the bear.”


After dating for about a year and a half, my ex and I split on mostly amiable terms. A couple months after the split, a mutual friend of ours died in a car accident. I found out first, so I called him to let him know. He was very short with me, and he refused to acknowledge me at our friend’s funeral. He told me later that he was happily dating someone new, that I needed to “respect them,” and that my phone call was “inappropriate.” Here I was just grieving over the loss of our friend, and he’s worried that I’m somehow trying to turn this tragedy into a way to win him back? ?


I was in the process of a divorce. Not yet finalized. I was divorcing because of ex’s cheating. There is this somewhat vague, unclear rule that if I were to have sex with her during this time it could constitute as a reconciliation. In any case, ex is still living in the apartment with me. I get home from work and she starts to seduce me. To me this seems pretty weird as she hasn’t wanted to do anything sexual with me for months. I know I shouldn’t do this but she stripped down to nothing and gets really physical. Basically she strips down and starts trying to push me into the bedroom and pull my clothes off. I think for a minute contemplating what I should do. Fortunately, I decide to walk out of the apartment. When I open the door one of her friends was standing right there with a camera. The plan was to get me in the bedroom and then have this friend film us (without my knowledge) so that she could say we reconciled (using video evidence) and could possibly then be entitled to alimony.


Steal my dog and use his army rank to come to my unit and creep on me/follow my career.


Sent a pair of my panties that he had collected while we were together to my now fiance and I’s apartment with a note saying it was “nice to see me and we should do it again some time” and signed it with some other dudes name. I had been back to my old city visiting friends. That and sharing my nudes.


In college, a boyfriend of a year dumped me two days before my birthday. In my car. In the Walmart parking lot. Jokes on him because his friends still threw a huge birthday party for me that had already been planned in his own house. He sulked in his room and didn’t dare come out.


We had been together for almost two and a half years and started college together last fall. He convinced himself that I was cheating on him with one of the guys in my calculus or chemistry study groups and broke up with me over FaceTime. One of our mutual friends texted me words of encouragement and when I vented to her, she sent screenshots of what I said to my ex. He then texted me a few days before second semester would start to let me know he was dating an underage girl and signed up for the same Spanish class as I had just to spite me and sat next to me for the whole semester and he even told our professor that I was making him fail the class.