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Straight Guys Confess The Gayest Things They’ve Ever Done (26 Stories)

Everyone is a little gay sometimes, some people are super gay all the time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.

It’s 2021 and everyone knows that sexuality is a spectrum.

Unfortunately, too many dudes grow up thinking gayness is a bad thing.

Hopefully everyone is coming around to understand that you can be totally straight and do some pretty gay things.

Reddit user datboy7328 might have been in need of a little reassurance on this front. Maybe he had done something kind of gay and needed to make sure he wasn’t the only straight man who happened to enjoy some special sort of “male bonding.”

He asked the straight dudes of Reddit:

“Straight males of Reddit, what’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?”

The responses are so honest they’re almost wholesome (they are absolutely NOT wholesome)!


“I let my friend kiss me. He came from a really religious household and was finally realizing that he was gay. He asked if he could kiss me to see if it felt different than kissing a girl. He is my friend and I had kissed people in theater so I kind of figured, eh, why not? After the kiss, which included more tongue than I expected (which was any), he pulled back and said, “Thanks!” And then immediately, “Aw, fuck. I’m definitely gay.” –classroomcomedian


“I was at a gay bar with some gay friends and this young guy wearing a friggin’ suit walked up and asked me for a dance. I told him I wasn’t gay and he said “I just came out and I want my first dance to be with someone beautiful.” I did a slow dance with the dude and went on my way.” –freaklike


“Hugs, cuddling, pulling friends to me. by their belt loops. A bit co-worker of mine has asked me if I’m in to him. “nah.. just not shy about affection”. This same human, I have kissed his forehead and told him that I love him (exact words were “love ya, buddy!”)
Penis doesn’t interest me, but it hurts to NOT be affectionate.” –guitarist4hire


“High school marching band trip, 2014. The band is in Wildwood New Jersey for an end of the year trip. The percussion kids decide to all gather in one of the hotel rooms to watch “Frozen” together. “Frozen” ended up being pay per view porn on the TV and a bunch of dudes jerking off together.


In 2016 on the way to MAC championships a bunch of sax players (me included) were playing a game where the person in the front seat of the bus would have a goldfish cracker in their mouth, and we would have to pass it to the person in the back of the bus by kissing the other person and pushing the goldfish in their mouth. The last person would eat it. Keep in mind, this was the saxophone bus, there aren’t many girls in the sax section at my old high school. So yeah.” –UmbreHonest


“Pretended to be my friend’s boyfriend to prevent him from being hit on from this guy he didn’t want to hit on him. We put our arms around each other and I kissed him on the temple. Gay or straight, no means no, and I’ll do this a thousand times more if I have to!” –luckyjackass


“I stayed in a London Hostel. Late at night I sat on a couch Just working on my Laptop. Couple hours later a Guy sits down next to me. We get into talking and he tells me that he cant sleep bc some guys in his room were talking about sex and he got too horny and couldn’t relax. I rlly didn’t give a shit and just kept working. He was overall a pretty nice guy but all of a sudden he takes out his phone and asks me if I mind. Having no idea what he’s going for, I say I don’t. He opens PornHub and starts jacking off to gay porn. The situation was so surreal that I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there and waited it out. In between he told me that it rlly turned him on that I was there even if I didn’t do anything. After he finished we kept talking like nothing happened. Rlly cool Dude other than that. Changed Jobs bc he was so amazed by the shit he did for a living that I wanted to try myself.” –EinKiloGehacktes


“I had a dude suck whip cream off the tip of my penis.” –nickram81


“Used to be a game where you’d put your hand on another guys knee and slowly move it toward their groin until one of you chickened out. I never lost.” –PmMe_Your_Perky_Nips


“Was a medic in the army. First day at my unit, a guy walked in, whipped his dick out, and asked if it looked infected to me. We’ve been best friends ever since and my son’s named after him.” –Flame5135


“Anyone ever head of the game ‘Gay Chicken’? Two straight guys slowly lean towards each other as if a kiss is about to occur, first one to back out loses. Pretty simple, dumb, raised in South Carolina, high-school boy game.

Well, momma didn’t raise no quitter and I’m pretty damn comfortable in my sexuality, so I’d win whenever challenged…. had the right technique for closing eyes and tilting my head for nose-avoidance at the right times to make it believable. One day, I was challenged by a fellow Senior (HS) who unbeknownst to me, was in the closet. So, I approach it with my usual gusto, and he doesn’t back down. Our lips meet. We stay there for about 2 seconds and I think, ‘hey, if I open my lips like I will kiss, he’ll back down’. Nay. He did not. He shot his tongue right into my mouth when the moment presented. I took the L, but told him I respected his game! Years later at a commitment ceremony between his partner and him, I got credited with being his first gay kiss…. so that’s kind of cool that I didn’t turn him off men forever and make him hopelessly confused I suppose.” –JohnSpartanBurger