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Men Are Responding Honestly About What They Think Of Small Boobs (27 Posts)

Boobs are the greatest of all god’s gifts to mankind. Since literal birth, the soft, supple, fleshy bags of fat have been irresistible to humanity. No matter what size shape or color, it seems almost everyone wants to take a peek (or gaping gawk) at their magnificence.

Some of us, as the disgusting people we are, tend to equate bigger boobs with better boobs. But having big ol’ eye-catching knockers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ask any woman with giant mammers—them thangs are heavy, sweaty, make your back hurt, and there isn’t one god damn summer maxi dress made for big hangers. For far too long, small-breasted women have had to deal with feeling less feminine for having little tiny teet-tats.  

Proud members of the itty bitty titty committee sure as hell don’t wanna hear what men think about their boobs, but Redditor u/oompa-loompa-26 asked the dangerous question: “Men of Reddit, what are your thoughts on small breasts?”

And defying all odds, men came through with the hilarious truth—they’ll take whatever they can get with a smile on their face.


I think I speak for most men when I say: the best kinda boobs are the ones we are are allowed to touch. Correct me if I’m wrong fellas. –bretellen


My checklist for boobs:
1. Do they exist?
2. Do they exist in my life?
3. Can I interact with them?
All other questions are irrelevant. –OkSoNoQueso


A wise man once said…
Boobs are like coke and Pepsi. We might state a preference, but we’ll take whatever is on tap. –pingieking


If a woman is going to show even the slightest amount of interest in me I legitimately do not care. To me it’s like comparing a red vs white sports car. I don’t care what color it is, it’s a sports car! –SL-Gremory-


The best ones are the ones I get to hold. So no preference. All boobs are great boobs
Edit: I feel this goes without a saying, but even breasts that have undergone mastectomies are still valid. –MrSyaoranLi


A boob in the hand is worth two in the bush. –DrSupermonk


Nothing wrong with big or small I like them boobs I like them all.


To quote a friend of mine “there is no pair I would not want to see.” Boobs of every shape and size are still intriguing and serve the same purpose. –spaderho


I’ve read somewhere that the smaller the breasts, when you fondle them, you are closer to the heart. –J0nnyB0Zzell


All boobs matter –NJM_Spartan


If you ever want to know if people find something attractive just look at pornhub’s filter options. “Small tits” is there for a reason. –Ech0ofSan1ty


So take this knowledge to heart, to mind and to breast. Know that the next time you question yourself, the next time you don’t feel confident, the next time you wallow in your own misery, just look a man right in the eyes and, although neither of you can ever speak it out loud, just remember deep down, he would absolutely lick your nips given the slightest opportunity. You are always always desired perhaps not always in the way you might like to be. –tobofre


I call small breasts the beautiful mouthful. Enjoy your sexy times. –amadorUSA


You’re giving us way to much credit. We just fucking love boobs!!! –pr0b0ner


Small breasts are best. I am attracted to streamlining. When jet packs become common items, you will be grateful for your sleek body during high speed cruising and atmospheric re-entry. Trust. –Smokin_Hot_Robot


It’s not men of reddit. It’s all men. Everywhere. There aren’t even gay men who are so gay they don’t like boobs. –makenzie71


I give this spiel when a girl complains about her boobs to me: (which is pretty much every girl I’ve ever seen naked, btw. Y’all need to learn to love yourselves.)
Boobs are like pizza.
Big pizza? Great!
Small pizza? Great!
Irregularly shaped pizza? Great!
Pizza where one side is bigger than the other? Great!
Old Pizza? Great!
Fresh Pizza? Great!
Pizza slice that droops? Great!
Pizza that stays up by itself? Great!
Your Pizza should always be of a legal age and willfully consenting. –NM_NRP


Who cares? What that brain do tho? –4rank_Reynolds


Boobs are like beer. If they’re being offered to you, shut up and enjoy them. –Catlenfell


As a man, I have bigger boobs then most girls in my class, so I know they’re all jealous but don’t be. –HugeComedian


The only thing better than a boob in the hand is a boob in each hand. –DidTheySayILoveYou


They’re precious. Doesn’t hurt my girl’s back and when she goes braless, mwah! –Bakasur279


A friend of mine said that the best breast is the one that fits perfectly in your hand, and any breast you hold fits your hand perfectly. Thus, every breast is perfect. –Telephasion


Boobs are boobs. now just to get a girl to like me. –Pls_PmTitsOrFDAU_Thx


Round or concave. Big or small. Tits are tits. I love them all. –FirmBroccoli5


You know what they say, once you’ve seen one pair, you gotta see all of them. –Boiscool


Yes they are fucking awesome. –KYEreamin

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