26 People Share The “Suckiest” Birthday They Ever Had


No one remembered it —PointlessStars


Well, my dad forgot my 14th birthday. Then I got to school, and decided to wait if any of my friends would remember. During the last period, some kid was on facebook on his phone, and suddenly bursted “is it your birthday, dude??” That was even more embarassing than noone remembering.

Moral of the story: Your birthday will never be as important to other people as it is to you. Don’t expect much after the age of 12 —Narcosia


I found out I was pregnant with my first baby a week before my 30th birthday. The day before my 30th birthday I started experiencing abdominal pains.

I went to hospital and they scheduled an emergency scan for a suspected ectopic pregnancy – but the next available appointment they had was the day after my birthday. So I spent my 30th birthday unsure as to whether my pregnancy was viable, miscarrying or possibly ectopic.

The happy ending though – the day after my birthday I had the scan and found out it was in fact all completely fine. I celebrated my 31st with a healthy happy 4 month old son 🙂 —Miley177


I can’t remember my exact age, but It was in my early teens. I always liked birthdays, like most kids do. I was in class on my birthday, and my best friend at the time told our teacher that it was my birthday. The teacher decides that our whole class was gonna sing for me. They didn’t. The only people that sang was my teacher and my best friend. I still hate when people sing for me, even if it was 5-7 years ago. (It was a class with ~20 people in it) —Dadcrow


9/11. I mean, that wasn’t my worst birthday personally, but it’s kinda hard to argue that it’s the suckiest thing that happened on my birthday. —canada432


Oh man, I went to Paris last year around my birthday to perform there in theatre. It was my first time in Paris, I brought my girlfriend with me and it was my first time performing on some big theatre festival. Turns out the festival didn’t have any audience comming, I broke my toe accidentaly kicking some concrete block while walking to meet my girlfriend near Centre Pompidou, where we got into a huge fight and we pretty much broke up. I think Paris hates me. —Kakabundala


When I was away at college, my parents sent me a birthday card. They put in a note that my aunt had terminal cancer and was going to die in the next month or two. Happy Birthday! Your aunt is going to die soon. —namkap


Last year our family dog had to be put to sleep on my birthday. His stomach flipped the week before and caused irreparable damage. He’d already had it turn a few years ago. My mum went to pick him up and the vet told her he wasn’t going to recover and was in pain. I got a phone call on my way to work where she was distraught. Thankfully my manager was incredible and let me use a sick day to go home. I had to arrange the home visit to put him to sleep because my mum couldn’t do it. I called my dad to tell him (my parents are divorced and he hadn’t seen the dog in years.) I arranged everything so he could be brought home and go to sleep peacefully with me, my mum, and my sister. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My birthday is two weeks before Christmas and I’d already got him a present.

This big goofball got me through my parents’ divorce and the hardest breakup I’ve been through. I’m in my late twenties and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. —pungeonmaster


Twentieth birthday: I received two letters. First one was that I was being kicked out of uni for poor grades. Second letter was from my doctor that basically said that the reason I have sucked at school my whole life is because I had an underlying learning disability. He even said that it could have been caught and treated much sooner. Thirtieth Birthday: I got another letter from a different doctor. His exact words were “You were right, you do have Diabetes”

I just had my fortieth birthday last month. Luckily it was on a Sunday. No mail delivery on Sundays where I live. —BeakerVonSchmuck


My birthday is March 1st, and my late primary school time was when Justin Bieber was the guy. In school I was never popular, so hearing “We do have to celebrate someone’s birthday today, right?” was destined to give me false hopes. Then when I brought up my birthday, people accused me of lying and/or attention-seeking. —Thoomas01